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Most Popular Range Rover Engines

Range Rover Engine Prices

Engine Code Fuel Engine Size Horse Power KW Models Average Price Quote Get Quote
428PS Petrol 3 390 HP 287 kW Range Rover III £ 3658.92 Get Price Quote
448DT Diesel 2.7 313 HP 230 kW Range Rover Sport £ 5120.35 Get Price Quote
368DT Diesel 2.7 272 HP 200 kW Range Rover Sport £ 4143.36 Get Price Quote
448PN Petrol 3 299 HP 220 kW Range Rover III £ 4105.25 Get Price Quote
276DT Diesel 2.7 190 HP 140 kW Range Rover Sport £ 2327.50 Get Price Quote
306DT Diesel 2.7 211 HP 155 kW Range Rover Sport £ 2975.49 Get Price Quote
30DDTX Diesel 2.7 211 HP 155 kW Range Rover Sport £ 2995.00 Get Price Quote
508PS Petrol 3 506 HP 372 kW Range Rover Iv £ 7824.29 Get Price Quote
508PN Petrol 3 375 HP 276 kW Range Rover III £ 6760.00 Get Price Quote

Replacement Range Rover Engine Price Guide

Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Vehicle Model Price
Range Rover Engines £ 900
Range Rover Evoque Engines N/A
Range Rover Sport Engines £ 2,975
Range Rover Velar Engines £ 2,975
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Replacement Range Rover engines for sale

Engine Trust is a 100 percent free engine price comparison service and has the ability to source any remanufactured or rebuilt top quality engines in both petrol and diesel, for all Range Rover models. Simply scroll down the models list to find your engine manually, or simply, enter your REG number and we will do the rest for you.

Top Quality Range Rover Replacement Engines

Range Rover is a renowned brand in the UK. It offers a range of off-roading vehicles where Range Rover TDV8 and Range Rover TDV6 are well-known. However, these engines are now further powered by supercharged Jaguar engines. Recently two new engines were introduced in the Range Rover line-up. TopRange Rover engines are listed below;

Range Rover diesel and petrol Engines, Range Rover Evoque series Engines, Vogue series, and Range Rover sport series. Our verified engine suppliers stock all these engines as well asrecondition and rebuildold enginesfor decades. They also offer low mileage used and second hand engines.

Range Rover Engines for Sale
Replacement Engines for Range Rover
Used Range Rover Engine

History of Range Rover

The Rover Company used Land Rover as a brand name for its model series in 1948. A brand that entire all-wheel drive SUVs including the luxurious Range Rover Autobiography and Evoque SUVs in the Range Rover line-up.

The first ever Range Rover concept was produced in 1967 under the number plate SYE 157F. It was a classic Range Rover but with a diverse kind of front grille and headlight shape. The Range Rover design was finalised in 1969 by Twenty-six Velar engineering development and vehicles were manufactured between 1969 and 1970. The Velar name was derived from the Italian "velare" meaning to veil or to cover.

Land Rover started its operations as a company in 1978, and it was acquired by BMW in 1994. However in 2000, the group was acquired by Ford Motor Company and converted into Ford’s luxury automotive division.

TATA Motors moved in and purchased four car manufacturers in the UK in 2008, these units included Jaguar and Land Rover and two others. Tata invested $559 million in the Range Rover and developed new assembly plants in West Midlands.

Buy Cheapest second-hand Range Rover engines

Engine Trust has a big network of verified engine sellers across the UK and they stock a massive inventory of used, reconditioned and second hand Range Rover engines. The stock of Range Rover engines for all models for sale updates frequently because of the intensive scale of sales of replacement engines. We can source all type of replacement engines including used, reconditioned, rebuilt, second hand or recon engines for sale for Rand Rover.

Engine for Range Rover
Range Rover Engine
Reconditioned Range Rover Engine

Range Rover Engines in stock

Our Range Rover engine sellers offer the following with a reconditioned Range Rover engines, but make sure you confirm from the seller before buying or committing to buy:

  • An Ordinary Warranty
  • New Rings on reconditioned engines
  • New Bearings
  • New Gaskets on reconditioned and rebuilt engines
Buying Range Rover Recon & Used Engines is Much Easier

Engine Trust has made the price comparison and engine search very easy, simply enter your Range Rover details or registration number to get price quotes from our trusted engine suppliers. We guarantee that Engine Trust will offer you the cheapest available price quotes for your Range Rover engine needs.

Range Rover Engines warranty

As we act as price comparison service here, we cannot guarantee any warranty agreement but all our suppliers offer standard warranty on almost all reconditioned Range Rover engines. We assure the best price quotes and all 100% free.

We assure that there are no hidden charges at all and advise you to compare the price quotes before you make any further decision. Simply match the cheapest available price quotes offered by our network of engine sellers.

Our 100 % non-obligatory price quotes confirms your freedom of buying from any seller. Nationwide delivery services are available at all sellers across the UK. However, some of them have the ability to deliver worldwide.


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