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30DDTX Engine Detail

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  • 30DDTX
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Condition :Remanufactured

a fully reconditioned engine block


Engine Fuel Diesel Engine Layout V
Engine Actual CC 2993 cc Engine Size 2.7
Engine Valves 24 Engine Cylinders 6
Engine Horse Power 211 HP Engine Power Kilo Watt 155 kW
Engine Fuel Supply Direct Injection Engine Code 30DDTX
Engine Camshaft Drive Engine Charge Exhaust Turbo Charger

Range Rover 30DDTX Engine

Land Rover produces all kinds of SUVs and has its luxury SUV brand, Range Rover. Range Rover is the brand that brought a revolution in the SUVs, whose impact can still be felt to date. Range Rover engines are specially built for its vehicles, and the 30DDTX codenamed Diesel engine is one of them.

Range Rover 30DDTX Engine Details

The 30DDTX engine is a 2.7-litre turbocharged Diesel that first made its way in Range Rovers in 2005. It is a 2993cc engine with twenty-four valves and a six-cylinder setup that gives it high power. Speaking of power, its engine horsepower is 211hp whereas its power in kilowatts is 155kW.

Cars Using the 30DDTX Range Rover Engine

There aren’t many vehicles using engines of the same engine code as the 30DTTX. The one vehicle that did use this engine was the Range Rover Sport in 2005 with its first-generation, and the engine continued with the series till 2013.

What if my 30DTTX engine is causing Issues?

With every engine, no matter how reliable it is, a time comes when it has been used too much and can’t be used any further. So, if your 30DTTX engine has started to create issues during driving, and problems have started to occur frequently and not going away despite constant repairs, you’d need a replacement engine to replace the existing one.

Finding 30DTTX engines in the UK

If you want to buy a Range Rover 30DTTX reconditioned or used engine, Engine Trust is the best platform for that. We have top-notch engine sellers from all over the UK that has the best-quality engines, ones with whom your vehicle will seamlessly fall in love with.

All that you have to do is fill in your details, and you’ll be given a list of available 30DTTX engines for your car. For your convenience, we earmark the best engines for the best prices so that not only you get excellent performance but also get value for your money.

Certain Problems Encountered by Range Rover 30DDTX Engine

Certainly, this engine never leaves you in lurch but over work, normal wear and tear or due to some damage from accident, you are compelled to replace it. The consistent occurrence of problems with it, become unbearable. It is wise to replace this failed engine to continue your laid-back driving.

30DDTX Engine Fits These Models

Series Model Year Fuel Engine Size Horse Power Body Type KW  
Range Rover Range Rover Sport 2005 - 2013 Diesel 2.7 211 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 155 Get Free Quote

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