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Most Popular Jaguar Engines

Replacement Jaguar Engine Price Guide

Jaguar Jaguar E-Pace Engine Average rating: 5 4
Jaguar Jaguar F-Pace Engine Average rating: 5 4 2975
Jaguar Jaguar F-Type Engine Average rating: 5 4 7824
Jaguar Jaguar S-Type Engine Average rating: 5 4 3108
Jaguar Jaguar Vanden Engine Average rating: 5 4
Jaguar Jaguar X Type Engine Average rating: 5 4 2043
Jaguar Jaguar Xe Engine Average rating: 5 4
Jaguar Jaguar Xf Engine Average rating: 5 4 1990
Jaguar Jaguar Xf Sportbrake Engine Average rating: 5 4 1990
Jaguar Jaguar Xj Engine Average rating: 5 4 2043
Jaguar Jaguar Xk Engine Average rating: 5 4 6760
Jaguar Engines Average Price Quote
Jaguar E-Pace engine Jaguar E-Pace Engines N/A
Jaguar F-Pace engine Jaguar F-Pace Engines £ 2,975
Jaguar F-Type engine Jaguar F-Type Engines £ 7,824
Jaguar S-Type engine Jaguar S-Type Engines £ 3,108
Jaguar Vanden engine Jaguar Vanden Engines N/A
Jaguar X Type engine Jaguar X Type Engines £ 2,043
Jaguar Xe engine Jaguar Xe Engines N/A
Jaguar Xf engine Jaguar Xf Engines £ 1,990
Jaguar Xf Sportbrake engine Jaguar Xf Sportbrake Engines £ 1,990
Jaguar Xj engine Jaguar Xj Engines £ 2,043
Jaguar Xk engine Jaguar Xk Engines £ 6,760

Compare Replacement Jaguar Engine Prices

If you have been looking for a replacement or used replacement Jaguar engines and you haven’t found the right price. Don’t worry as Engine Trust has all the right solutions for you as we let you compare engine prices from verified Jaguar engine suppliers.

Engine Trust has a state of the art online database that helps you locate the right engine for the right price at the right time. No more of visiting different breaker yards here and there, simply enter your reg. number and let us handle the rest.

Compare Used Jaguar Engine Prices

If your car has broken down and needs a reconditioned Jaguar engine, then you have come to the right place. Engine Trust offers cheapest engine price comparison online for all Jaguar models. All our dealers are carefully vetted and selected so that you get the best for your money.

Supply & Fit Jaguar Reconditioned Engines

Some dealers on our network also offer supply & fit services with some providing just supply services. Nearly all dealers provide engine delivery to all over the UK. Engine Trust has suppliers with used, reconditioned and second hand Jaguar engines for sale online.

Jaguar History

Jaguar was founded by Billy Lyons in 1922 in partnership with his neighbour in Blackpool, UK. Initially, they started producing side cars for the motorcycles but they were aware of the importance of its design and style. These cars were striking and attracted a lot of interest and healthy sales. They gradually turned towards the cars with stylish bodies on very exclusive chassis. The best known Little Austin VII was the first model that Jaguar introduced in open and saloon versions with the eye catching styles and popularity was up to the mark. The SS model was introduced in 1931 and the production of engines and chassis for the SS models proved the efforts of Lyons as striking and led the company one step forward as a standard motor company.