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Most Popular Jaguar Xj Engines

Jaguar Xj Engine Prices

Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Engine Code Fuel Engine Size Models Years Average Price Quote
AJ27S Petrol 4.0 litre Xj 1996 - 2003 -
AJ 126 Petrol 3.0 litre Xj 1996 - 2003 -
AJ-V6 Petrol 3.0 litre Xj 1996 - 2003 £ 2,043
306DT Diesel 3.0 litre Xj 1996 - 2003 £ 2,975
508PN Petrol 5.0 litre Xj 1996 - 2003 £ 6,760
508PS Petrol 5.0 litre Xj 1996 - 2003 £ 7,824
AJD Diesel 2.7 litre X350, X358 2003 - 2009 £ 3,108
AJV6D Diesel 3.0 litre X35_, _J12_, _J24_ 2009 - Continue £ 3,399
Recon and Used

The Largest Stock of Replacement Jaguar XJ Engines, cheap prices

The Jaguar XJ is a luxury vehicle and provides a perfect combination of elegance, power and attractiveness. It is still the flagship model of Jaguar ever since its release more than 5 decades ago. It directly competes with the Mercedes S-Class and the Audi A8 but due to its high-power and luxurious drive, it surpasses its competitors in most comparisons.

 If you’re looking for a replacement for your Jaguar XJ engine, Engine Trust is the supreme portal to do so. When your car reaches a stage when engine replacement becomes necessary, it becomes unusable. This is where Engine Trust will help you to get a suitable recon or second-hand engine at a very cheap rate.

Engine Trust is connected with suppliers who have the best quality engines for your Jaguar. We carefully filter all the suppliers and keep only those who have the best quality engines.

Engine for JAGUAR XJ
Recon JAGUAR XJ Engine

Jaguar XJ Engine Prices

If you’re looking to seek out the prices of Jaguar XJ engine, you’ve come to the right place. The team at Engine Trust does an in-detailed comparison of the replacement motors available at that time and chooses the best engine based on its price as well as condition. That means we provide you with the best you can get.

We have many suppliers with very experienced teams, and who prepare the best-reconditioned engines. Our main priority is to dispense you with the finest quality engine for your Jaguar XJ.

Replacement of Jaguar XJ Engine

When you’ve used your car for a lengthy period, its parts wear down slowly. The engine is one thing whose parts wear down with age. That means the performance of the car decreases as well.

Reconditioned JAGUAR XJ Engine
Replacement Engines for JAGUAR XJ
Used JAGUAR XJ Engine

Engine issues in the Jaguar XJ mostly occur when near to no maintenance of the car is done. Therefore, the engine must be replaced to get the car’s working near its designed efficiency. A reconditioned engine is perfect for this, and Engine Trust finds the best recon engine for you.

How to find the cheapest priced Jaguar XJ engine

We reveal ourselves in being the best platform to provide the best available engines for your Jaguar XJ. The only thing that is asked of you is to give us your Jaguar XJ registration number. We’ll then seek all the possible outcomes and come back with the cheapest engine of the highest quality, which means providing value for money. 

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