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Most Popular Citroen Engines

Replacement Citroen Engine Price Guide

Citroen Citroen Berlingo Engine Average rating: 5 4 780
Citroen Citroen C-Crosser Engine Average rating: 5 4 2189
Citroen Citroen C-Elysee Engine Average rating: 5 4
Citroen Citroen C-Zero Engine Average rating: 5 4
Citroen Citroen C15 Engine Average rating: 5 4
Citroen Citroen C2 Engine Average rating: 5 4 882
Citroen Citroen C3 Engine Average rating: 5 4 723
Citroen Citroen C4 Engine Average rating: 5 4 794
Citroen Citroen C5 Engine Average rating: 5 4 766
Citroen Citroen C6 Engine Average rating: 5 4 2195
Citroen Citroen C8 Engine Average rating: 5 4 923
Citroen Citroen Ds3 Engine Average rating: 5 4 794
Citroen Citroen Ds4 Engine Average rating: 5 4 794
Citroen Citroen Ds5 Engine Average rating: 5 4 1211
Citroen Citroen E-Mehari Engine Average rating: 5 4
Citroen Citroen Jumper Engine Average rating: 5 4 2697
Citroen Citroen Jumpy Engine Average rating: 5 4 923
Citroen Citroen Nemo Engine Average rating: 5 4 1257
Citroen Citroen Relay Engine Average rating: 5 4 1549
Citroen Citroen Saxo Engine Average rating: 5 4
Citroen Citroen Spacetourer Engine Average rating: 5 4 1230
Citroen Citroen Xantia Engine Average rating: 5 4
Citroen Citroen Xsara Engine Average rating: 5 4 767
Citroen Engines Average Price Quote
Citroen Berlingo engine Citroen Berlingo Engines £ 780
Citroen C-Crosser engine Citroen C-Crosser Engines £ 2,189
Citroen C-Elysee engine Citroen C-Elysee Engines N/A
Citroen C-Zero engine Citroen C-Zero Engines N/A
Citroen C15 engine Citroen C15 Engines N/A
Citroen C2 engine Citroen C2 Engines £ 882
Citroen C3 engine Citroen C3 Engines £ 723
Citroen C4 engine Citroen C4 Engines £ 794
Citroen C5 engine Citroen C5 Engines £ 766
Citroen C6 engine Citroen C6 Engines £ 2,195
Citroen C8 engine Citroen C8 Engines £ 923
Citroen Ds3 engine Citroen Ds3 Engines £ 794
Citroen Ds4 engine Citroen Ds4 Engines £ 794
Citroen Ds5 engine Citroen Ds5 Engines £ 1,211
Citroen E-Mehari engine Citroen E-Mehari Engines N/A
Citroen Jumper engine Citroen Jumper Engines £ 2,697
Citroen Jumpy engine Citroen Jumpy Engines £ 923
Citroen Nemo engine Citroen Nemo Engines £ 1,257
Citroen Relay engine Citroen Relay Engines £ 1,549
Citroen Saxo engine Citroen Saxo Engines N/A
Citroen Spacetourer engine Citroen Spacetourer Engines £ 1,230
Citroen Xantia engine Citroen Xantia Engines N/A
Citroen Xsara engine Citroen Xsara Engines £ 767

Cheapest Used & Reconditioned Citroen engines for sale

Engine Trust is one of the UK's leading price comparison service and sources Citroen engines for sale through our vast network of replacement engine sellers and we can find all kind of used, reconditioned, remanufactured, second hand, Citroen engines you need at the cheapest prices.

Our verified network of engine sellers is based on thousands of suppliers across the UK and all of our dealers’ stock and sale replacement Citroen engines for all models, including the Citroen Berlingo.

Find Replacement Citroen engines

You can find Citroen engines through our exclusively free engine price comparison service. After giving your engine details, you will receive the guaranteed cheapest price quotes by text, email or phone.

Engine Trust is the home to search for all Citroen engines that you need, whether you want to replace your Citroen engine with a cheapest replacement unit that is used or want to find a reliable reconditioned engine. Here at Engine Trust, you will find exactly what you are after, all in one place.

History of Citroen

Citroën was developed in 1919 and soon after became the first mass production car manufacturer outside of the United States. In 1934, Citroën started offering innovative technologies with the Traction Avant. It was not only the first mass-produced front-wheel drive car of the world, but also to offer a unitary-type body.

In 1954, Citroen again amaze the world with innovative self-levelling suspension system based on hydro pneumatic system. In 1955, soon after the suspension system, Citroen introduced revolutionary DS to the world with disk brakes and became the first disk brake developer in the world.

It was not the end of this race for innovation started in 1919 at Citroen, in 1967, they introduced twirling headlights on their several models and received several awards in Europe and internationally. The ninety years of serving the world with dignity were celebrated in 2009 and they are now buckling for centenary celebrations in 2019 with several new vehicles and Citroen engines.

Citroen Engine Problems

Infrequent engine glitches are an inescapable problem for Citroen owners. While suitable repairs may help cut down the need for a replacement engine, it is not a guarantee that an engine will not collapse but it can run for a long time if it is kept well. The most common engine problems that people face are;

  • Engine service light turns ON
  • Engine overheating
  • Excessive white smoke on the exhaust pipe
  • Engine won’t start at all
  • Turbocharger issues due to infrequent services

All of these problems specify a need for an engine replacement but the last two clearly indicate an engine replacement.

Buy Remanufactured Citroen Engines

Simply enter your Citroen engine details and you will get price quotes from our verified network of engine sellers. Searching a replacement engine has been made easy by Engine Trust and you are now few clicks away from the best price quotes.

Citroen Reconditioned Engines Prices

We offer cheapest price quotes online, when buying a replacement Citroen engine for sale. The price quotes for the rebuilt and refurbished engines usually depend on remanufacturing work and working hour spent on the engine reconditioning and new parts used.

On the other hand, if you buy a used or second hand engine, the prices will be according to the conditions of the engines. The prices shown in the price quotes will be only for the bare engines while, if you want delivery, the prices will be charged separately, depending on the terms of seller.

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