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In Japan, there is a new breed of cars called Kei cars. They were born out of a regulation by the Japanese government which states that cars must be under 660cc and in dimension should be 3.4 m long and 1.48m wide. They cut through the city traffic like a butter knife. If you require to replace the engine of this pocket rocket then you are visiting the right place as Engine Trust are experts in helping you locate and purchase new, used and reconditioned Nissan Dayz engines at incredibly low prices. Best advantage that you get is that you can complete the whole process while staying at the safety of your home.  

A Pocket Rocket with Green Engine

Main selling point for this vehicle is its incredibly low carbon emissions. Nissan Dayz has managed to emit a measly 110g/km and it has managed to get them out of an impressive 660cc turbo engine producing 64 hp with a top speed of 87mph while offering economy of 60mpg. Its low emissions, high fuel economy and great handling with high tech technology used for ride comfort and easy driving makes it a perfect city run about.

You can buy replacement engine from the dealership but that might cost you a considerable amount. A used engine would be a cheaper choice as long as you can find a reliable source. To be absolute safe, you should go for reconditioned engine which can save you lots of money but is as good as new engine as far as performance and reliability is concerned.

Why Choose Engine Trust

Conventional ways to find the engine are not proven to be ass effective as is by online means. You can save time and money while taking advantage of the vast experience and services provided by the Engine Trust. We manage one of the largest networks of online engine suppliers who are trusted and verified by us.

You just fill in the details and our system pick up and send it to every engine seller in our network. You start receiving non obligatory quotes from our sellers and can choose according to your requirements.

Save Considerable Amount with Engine Trust

 You can save up to 50% when you decide to buy a used or reconditioned Nissan Dayz engine from us instead of buying brand new crate engine from dealership. There are further 10% discounts available when festive sales come on. We can also provide quick and reliable delivery of the Nissan engine at your doorstep all over the UK.

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