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If you are driving any Nissan especially Navara and you are facing any engine problems then feel fresh because you are on the Engine Trust platform. We are the largest price comparison portal of suppliers with used, reconditioned and replacement Nissan Navara engines for sale from all over the UK.

We can also compare engine prices for transmission systems, gearboxes, cylinder heads, suspension systems and automatic or manual gearboxes. If your engine management light is blinking then you should check the viscosity of your engine oil. If the problem persists than you should immediately visit the nearest garage for a thorough check-up of your engine. 

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Problems with Nissan Navara Engines

Engine is the spirit of vehicles so if it causes any problems than the vehicle is almost paralysed. The engine management light initially informs the drivers that the engine has some problems, generally overheating of engines caused due to faulty engine covers. Traction problems can lead to the gearbox and clutching system failures.

If you feel that the ride is unsmooth and unstable than there may be a problem with the suspension system. If there is a sound or noise from Navara engine or cylinder head than you should check the quality of the oil because low quality fluids and engine oils can reduce its life. Always use high quality oils, for these instructions consult engine specifications and diagram.

Most Popular Nissan Navara Engine sizes

Nissan Navara 2.5Dci 144HP Engine

This Nissan Navara engine was introduced in 2005 and is still used in the Navara models with four cylinder assembly and 2488cc size. It is capable of producing 144bhp with the torque of 263 lb-ft. This diesel engine is equipped with common rail fuel injection system emitting of 214gm/km of CO2.

Nissan Navara 2.5Dci 174HP Engine

This Nissan Navara engine was also introduced in the same year with 2.5L Dci in the size of 2488cc but it was capable of producing 174HP with CO2 emissions of 226gm/km. This engine also had the common rail fuel injection system.

Nissan Navara 2.5 SE 169HP Engine

The 2.5 SE engines are the members of all new Navara Frontier family. These engines were modified in 2009 and had a 4-cylinder 2488cc sized engine capable of producing 169bhp with torque of 297 lb-ft at 2000rpm. Common rail direct fuel injection system was used to energise the engine and resultantly it emits CO2 up to 264gm/km with the economy of only 24mpg combined.

Nissan Navara/Frontier 4.0Le V6 diesel Engine

The 4.0 LE V6 engine is the most powerful rival in the Navara family. It is a 3956cc engine capable of generating 261bhp; this power machine has the torque of 281 lb-ft and CO2 emissions of 264gm/km. It has very low economy rate of only 16.5mpg, but the powerful traction is its quality.

Nissan V9X V6 turbocharged Diesel Engines

The new V9X V6 engines develops 228bhp with the torque of 410 lb-ft at only 1750rpm and idle speed is 650rpm. In Nissan Navara 4X4 it emits the 244gm/km carbon dioxide gases and returns 24.5mpg.

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