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Audi A6 a mid-size wonder

A complete car from all aspects

Audi A6 is one of those cars which give the customer a chance to experience what luxury is all about but with the right mechanics. Combine these two very attractive traits and what you get is this sedan. Looking at it and the sight is overwhelming. There is grace in the way Audi style its cars.

The sophistication and elegance do not overshadow any other of the aspects. Every department merges to make a beautiful and practical whole. Move to the cabin and it will give another site to rejoice. The interior is laid according to the need as well as keeping the utility in mind.

Space has increased and also technology. With those infotainment screens, there is enough evidence of a digital cabin. But that may be confusing sometimes for the new users. The boot space is not however up to the mark being lesser than the rivals. Come to the engine side and there is going to be nothing less than clever engineering here.

All the engines have mild-hybrid nature. This makes them economical and powerful also. In case one needs the reconditioned Audi A6 engines are going to be a profitable purchase. So from every angle and every fitting and functioning the vehicle is a perfect and safe place to spend money.

Powerful engine offered

The engines offered for this sedan are all capable. The standard turbo-four engine has 248 hp and there is enough power to carry the vehicle easily through highways on long journeys and proper for in-town driving. But this does not end here. There is also a V6 more powerful engine ready to give even more speedy excitement.

This one has a 335 hp power output. Most of the people do not need the later one but the enthusiasts may like to have it. There are also other variants to this sedan namely S6 and RS 6. Both these have more power and thus provide the sporty feel with the owner needs.

S6 has 444 hp and the RS 6 has 592 hp. Both these are performance-oriented variants and fit for those who are inclined towards giving the best experience all along. There is a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission attached to all these engines. This works smoothly without making the action apparent.

There is a four-wheel-drive fitted as standard which makes the car even more reliable when you have to travel on wet and snowy conditions. And when the original engine starts troubling there is always the option of getting a second hand one from Audi engine suppliers the UK. These meet the standards and are affordable.

Handling is a delight

There is a certain confidence in the way this vehicle lets the driver control it. The engine you choose describes your need the best and gives the driver the exact experience. The standard engine gives a sure-footed performance plus there is also a good fuel economy attached to it.

The V6 engine has a nice acceleration as it is more energetic. The other additional models for the range are also as fast as one can go but with a speeding ticket in hand. The suspension gives really good ride quality that ensures a fatigue-free travelling to the driver as well the other passengers.

This is not a sports car still there is a fun ride around curves. The drive is composed and the car remains in control all the time. Especially the all-wheel drive keeps the grip firm on road.

The engines ensure a smooth provision of power so that there is no undue hurdle along the way. Audi A6 engine for sale further prolongs the life of your companion. The steering is also precise that makes the placement steady.

Interior convenience and luxury

So the interior of a car is what makes your impression for a car at the surface. Audi A6 is full of positivism inside out. Five people van git in easily. There is lots of space at the front as well as the back. But by giving such a space the trunk space has reduced. Among the rivals, this is not enough.

The inside is also loaded with high-quality materials that are soft to touch and durable. One thing good about the trunk is that its opening is wide so there will be no problem loading any size luggage.

Also, the back seats can be folded flat with ease to make more space for the luggage in case the car is travelling empty at the back. Also, the cabin is quiet in town as well as on highway speed.

A good amount of standard technology

When a car is perfect from every other angle so how can it be that it is behind in technology side? There is a tri-zone automatic climate control present which is not commonly present in the cars. There is also a panoramic roof, dual-display touch screen is also present which can become somewhat confusing but with time, these become useful. Three USB ports, Bluetooth, satellite navigation, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are also offered as standard. Apart from these, there are also options present that give even more choice.

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