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4HU (P22DTE) Engine Detail

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  • 4HU (P22DTE)
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Condition :Remanufactured

a fully reconditioned engine block


Engine Fuel Diesel Engine Layout Straight
Engine Actual CC 2198 cc Engine Size 2
Engine Valves 16 Engine Cylinders 4
Engine Horse Power 120 HP Engine Power Kilo Watt 88 kW
Engine Fuel Supply Direct Injection Engine Code 4HU (P22DTE)
Engine Camshaft Drive Engine Charge Turbo/Intercooler

Peugeot 4HU (P22DTE) Engine

Peugeot is a renowned automaker founded by Armand Peugeot in 1896, 124 years ago. Headquartered in Sochaux, France, company is associated with production of luxury cars, cars, electric vehicles, commercial vehicles and sports cars. Many awards and distinctions are on its credit.

Peugeot 4HU (P22DTE) Engine is the Cream of the Pick

The Peugeot engine, with code of Peugeot 4HU (P22DTE) is hugely fuel efficient. It is pertinent to apprise that major focus is always about the fuel consumption, and all heed is paid to make this engine fuel efficient. That is a great boon and blessing for the motorists. This engine is first and foremost choice of many diesel engine lovers. The engine is of 2198 cc, having of 120 horsepower.

Peugeot 4HU (P22DTE) Driving Experience

Having an exquisite and marvelous output, the Peugeot 4HU (P22DTE) Engine has attracted many iconic models to adorn them with this. The Ford, Nissan and Citroen are some of the beneficiaries of this engine. There is no denying that it thrives well in all such vehicles due its unique nature and durability.

Peugeot 4HU (P22DTE) Replacement Engines in the UK

If You are aspiring to have used or reconditioned and low-priced engines with high quality. Then, our portal is absolutely your ultimate choice. There are endless reasons to opt this. You would find here a big gathering of Peugeot 4HU (P22DTE) replacement engine sellers from all over the United Kingdom. Once you select the engine of your choice, instantly mechanism of delivery is framed out.

Common Problems Encountered

Amidst problems pertaining to Peugeot 4HU (P22DTE) engine, the usual observed problem is overheating of the engine due to defective radiator, dirty coolant level, damaged thermostat and bad cooling fan. Other defects that may occur include, blinking of Service Engine Soon Light that let you know the fault detected by sensors. This is due to bad gas cap, coil packs, spark plugs and poor fuel. Please contact Engine Trust to procure working Peugeot engine at low prices.

4HU (P22DTE) Engine Fits These Models

Series Model Year Fuel Engine Size Horse Power Body Type KW  
Boxer Boxer Box 1994 - 2003 Diesel 2 120 Van 88 Get Free Quote
Boxer Boxer Minibus 2001 - continue Diesel 2 120 Bus 88 Get Free Quote
Boxer Boxer Platform/Chassis 1994 - 2002 Diesel 2 120 Platform/Chassis 88 Get Free Quote

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