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The Peugeot 306 was launched in 1993 and lasted until the launch of 307 in 2001. It was a huge success due to its pretty looks and supreme handling. There were a variety of engines used in the 3 phases and its common that its replacement engines are demanded. If you are looking for an engine change then Engine Trust could be your best chance at getting working, robust used and reconditioned engine at incredibly low prices. Our extended network of engine sellers who we choose after a careful review, provide used and reconditioned engines form their stock of engines at competitive prices.

Smooth and efficient Peugeot 306 Engines

There were 3 phases of the Peugeot 306 and a lot of different capacity engines were tried. Most popular among those engines were 1360 cc TU3 I4, 1587 cc TU5 I4, 1761 cc XU7 I4, 1998 cc XU10 J4 16V I4 and the diesel engines that got approval of the drivers were 1769 cc XUD7 TE TD I4, 1905 cc XUD9 I4, 1905 cc XUD9 TE TD I4.

It was a popular car within car enthusiasts due to its powerful engines in the Peugeot 306 GTR 6 and had a racing pedigree as well with enhanced racing dynamics.

Engine Trust are Your Best Choice for Replacement Engine

If you are looking for a replacement engine then it is only natural to look towards the dealership. However, it could be an expensive affair. Engine Trust can provide you a more affordable option to offer used or reconditioned Peugeot engines at affordable prices.

If you enter the vehicle registration number in the field provided, our automated system finds the right engine for you and you receive the non-obligation quotes from the engine sellers.

There is a chance that you could save up to 60% when you buy the engine from our sellers instead of buying a new one. we offer further discounts in the festive season to stretch your savings even further. Our engines carry written warranty as well to provide complete satisfaction to our customers.

There is a UK wide swift and dependable delivery available to all our customers with live tracking facility.

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