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Peugeot 3008 is a great effort from the French auto makers to produce an SUV that offer great driving experience with decent performing engines and great looking exterior. Its powerful and sturdy engines provide tremendous pulling power but you never know when you require a replacement. If you are finding it hard to get a fully functional replacement engine then Engine Trust can eliminate this worry for you. We manage a vast network of breaker yards and engine sellers who stock used and reconditioned Peugeot 3008 engines at affordable prices.

Engine Choices for Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008 was given petrol, diesel and hybrid engines. The range starts with petrol 1.2 litre engine capable of producing 128bhp with turbocharging available. It takes only 8 seconds to go from 0-62 mph. a 1.6 litre petrol engine was discontinued that produced 179 bhp doing 0-62 mph in 8 seconds.

There is a diesel engine on the offer too. 1.5 litre engine produced 128 bhp and takes 10.8 seconds to go from 0-62 mph. there is no denying that it is a better cruiser at high gear cruise.

Hybrid engine combines 1.6 litre petrol engine with 13.2 kWh battery and an electric motor to produce a combined horse power of 222 bhp and acceleration speed of 8.9 seconds.

It is Easier to Find Engines Online

It is natural to think that the best place to find a replacement engine is the local dealership. However, dealerships are notorious for being expensive and you are better off finding a used or reconditioned replacement engine. Engine Trust is your best chance at finding a perfectly working used or reconditioned engine with a warranty at bargain price.

You just provide the registration number of your vehicle and we configure the right engine for you and let our engine sellers know about your demand. Within no time you start receiving no obligation quotes and can choose according to the required specifications.

There are huge savings available when you choose to buy a used or reconditioned engine instead of new one. you can claim up to 60% saving when you buy Peugeot engine from our sellers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed as well as our sellers offer written warranty with every engine you buy from them. Warranty period depends on the condition and price of the engine. You can receive the engine at your doorstep with our delivery that we can arrange for you. There is live tracking facility available which means you can track the progress of your delivery online.

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