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Peugeot 1007 was a car so ahead of time with its electric sliding doors that anyone else found it difficult to catch on until tesla caught the trend just recently. The French car is considered pretty reliable city mover but as with any machine you never know what lies ahead. If you are trying to locate a functional and dependable used or reconditioned replacement engine for your Peugeot then company could be a great help. We specialize in helping our customer to find the best working engines of all makes and models at affordable prices. We make it possible for our customer to complete the whole process while staying in the safety of their home.

Peugeot 1007 Engine Specs

Peugeot 1007 came up with 5 choices of petrol and 2 variants of diesel engines. The petrol range started with 1.4 litre 16V 5MT that produced 88 hp with 107 mph top speed. There was another variant was 1.4 litres 5AT that produced 75 hp and was able to achieve 103 mph. third variant was also 1.4 litres 5MT that also produced 75 hp 102 mph top speed. A more powerful variant was introduced that took it to 110 HP and the top speed went to 118 mph.

The diesel variant was more economical and smoother. Its 1.4 litre HDI 5MT engine produced 70HP and was capable of doing 99mph while the acceleration was 15.4 seconds. Another diesel variant was 1.6 litre HDIF 5 MT that produced the same power output of 110 hp with top speed of 115 mph and a dramatic acceleration time of 10.6 seconds.

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We offer up to 60% saving when you decide to buy a used or reconditioned engine from us instead of buying a new engine from the dealership. You also get the warranty with every engine sold from our portal provided by the sellers depending on the condition and price of the engine. We also offer rapid delivery to the UK mainland with live tracking availability.

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