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Engine Trust greets you at your one stop online price comparison outlet for replacement Mazda6 Engine needs, get the high-quality used and reconditioned Mazda6 engines at affordable rates without giving away reliability and performance. Our suppliers offer warranties on the engines they sell and also have fitting services available. We have got UK’s largest, most comprehensive catalog of dealers who have used and recon Mazda6 engines for sale online.

All our suppliers are carefully vetted before being accepted on to our database and we ensure their compliance with rigorous OEM standards. A certified used engine is no less than a brand new engine in output but is light on purse. We implement excellent business practices in providing engine price comparison services to our customers and to win their confidence. Get quick quotes from our hassle free online system.

Mazda6 History

Mazda launched the 6 as midsized saloon in 2002, this same vehicle is marketed as Atenza in Japan. First generation Mazda6 engines were in the range of 1.8 litre to 3.0 litre, MRZ CD, being the lone Mazda6 diesel engine of the first generation.

In the second generation a whole array of diesel models, powered by MZR and RF series of Mazda6 diesel engines was introduced. If you have been hunting for a replacement Mazda engine than you will be amazed to know that you are on the Engine Trust platform and we have UK’s best suppliers of replacement Mazda6 engines on board. We ensure that you will never find a better deal when you compare and buy from us. You can also ask for reconditioned and used manual and automatic gearboxes for your Mazda 6.

Mazda6 Engine Problems

Mazda6 has an engine management light in the instrument panel, if that light is blinking or turned permanently ON than it is an indication that your engine has some problems so check engine fluid viscosity first. The engine oils are most influenced factors that can effect car engines. Low quality engine oils can reduce its quality, performance and vice versa. Engine coolants should be firm and in excellent form that can help the engine to be cool. Engine vibration on top notch accelerations, gear box noises while in any specific speed module, instable engine mounting and damaged engine covers can cause severe problems in your Mazda6 engine. For initial examine of your engine you should have engine diagram in front of you where you can check your engine specifications and engine codes.

Mazda6 Engine history

Mazda6 is a large family car launched by the Japanese car maker in 2002 that came with a range of engines. Mazda has always introduced their vehicles with wide range of engines, either they were petrol or diesel engines even with turbo charged technology or simple, but all engines introduced by Mazda are powerful and reliable.

First generation of Mazda6 Engines 2002-2008

In 2002, the Mazda6 was introduced in saloon, hatchback and estate models with the powerful 1.8-litre L8-DE to 3.0-litre DURATEC 30V engine range. Some of these engines were equipped with turbocharged oil burning technology capable of producing 146bhp. In Europe the sport version was equipped with the 246hp direct injection fuel system turbocharged engines in the estate models. All with the variations of gear speeds either in the automatic or manual transmissions.

Second generation Mazda6 GH 2008-2012

Second generation of Mazda6 has its debut at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007 along with the GH chassis platform. It was the revised version of the GG platform which ford is still using in their cars. Second generation came with engine choices include a new 2.5-Litre 4-cylinder 178hp engine with direct fuel injection system and 3.7-Litre V6 was also available in MazdaCX9 models.

A Mazda6 test drive recorded 0-62 miles per hour acceleration in just 6.1 seconds for the Mazda6 V6. A whole range of engines came in second generation from 1.8-Litres to 2.2-Litres on the GH-chassis platforms. They were available in 6 speed and 5 speed automatic and manual modules of gearboxes. The CD3 platform from the Ford was acquired once again with the increased displacement and the 3.7 MZI V6 engines added to the line-up in the second generation of Mazda6.

Third generation of Mazda6 engines GJ2013

The third generation of the Mazda6 engines was unveiled in the Moscow Motor Show in 2012. The baseline sport is offered with 6-speed manual or same speed automatic transmission modules while some models were only with a manual or an automatic transmission. All current Mazda6 models are empowered with the 2.5-Litre inline 4-cylinders engines and give 184bhp with the fuel economy of 38mpg on the motorway and is mated to 6-speed automatic transmission. The most current engines are 2.2D diesel engines with the 4-cylinders outline and 148hp on the common rail fuel injection system with the CO2 emissions of 116gm/km. The pick of the range 2.2D diesel engines are equipped with state of the SKYACTIV technology that boosts the power up to the 178hp.

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