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406PN Engine Detail

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  • 406PN
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Condition :Remanufactured

a fully reconditioned engine block


Engine Fuel Petrol Engine Layout
Engine Actual CC 4009 cc Engine Size 2.7
Engine Valves 24 Engine Cylinders 6
Engine Horse Power 212 HP Engine Power Kilo Watt 156 kW
Engine Fuel Supply Intake Manifold Injection/ Carburettor Engine Code 406PN
Engine Camshaft Drive Ford V6 Engine Charge

Land Rover 406PN Engine

Earlier known as Rover, the Land Rover is a British brand automobile and is owned by India’s Tata Motors. The name of Land Rover first appeared in 1948 and subsequently it transformed into a brand. The company produces premium and luxury sport utility vehicles, that are being manufactured in the UK, Brazil, India, China, and Slovakia.

Land Rover 406PN Built to Last

This Land Rover 406PN Engine is specially built so as to make it compatible with the such a luxurious Land Rover. Land Rover engines are built to last for years with constant maintenance. With 2.7 liters, the engine has power of 212 HP. Having 4009 cc, it has 24 valves and this is 6-Cylinder engine. As far as its fuel supply is concerned, it is based on Intake Manifold Injection/Carburetor. The engine camshaft Drive is Ford V6.

Supreme quality Land Rover 406PN Engine for Replacement

Even in the case of a highly efficient vehicle like Land Rover, all its majesty and efficiency start declining with the passage of time. Another reason may be encountered by you if unluckily you have some accident. If your engine is damaged, then you have no choice other than replacement.

Extremely Powerful Used and Reconditioned Engines

Pretty sure, you are perched now at right portal that has abundant low mileage and reconditioned replacement engines for you. We are equipped with a verified network of engine suppliers who are engaged in remanufacturing, reconditioning and rebuilding of engines. There is even no shadow of doubt about their quality and price.

General Problems with Land Rover 406PN Engine

Engines are always prone to some defect depending upon life, and intensity of work and its handling. In time action on petty issues, saves you from large threats. Generally, you could have over heating with this Land Rover 406PN Engine.

406PN Engine Fits These Models

Series Model Year Fuel Engine Size Horse Power Body Type KW  
Discovery Discovery III 2004 - 2009 Petrol 2.7 212 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 156 Get Free Quote

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