It has power, it has safety and it has the company name, what else

The van lies in a very competing class and that is where the story begins. To keep it among the ones who give a tough time to others the company has to do a lot of work. For a successful formula, there has to be that X-factor that is very important these days for any type of vehicle to catch attention.

So for Volkswagen Transporter, that factor is very simple; to do as the customer wishes for. Some do still like the simplicity of their work vehicle but everyone is not alike. So for those who are not among the common thinkers, Volkswagen Transporter is the right spot to hit.

The exterior is simple and there is nothing glamorous or outstanding about it. It is simply because practicality is focused over here solely. All right next is the interior which is also kept straight forward and there are no complications over here also. SO then where this van stands out or gives an edge.

It is its reliability, the safety side and the most important its engine side. Engines of this vehicle are strong and know how to do hard work still keeping things normal. Reconditioned Transporter engines have in them a good alternative for replacement.

Volkswagen Transporter engine suppliers have to keep up with the competition to supply the best. So the buyer can confidently rely on the Volkswagen Transporter engine for sale for your van.

Well planned engines

Well planned in the sense that these are targeted towards everyone. There is no classification to who should buy which one. For the ones who prefer short-wheelbase form, there is the 102 bhp engine with 15.3-second timing for 0-62 mph run.

If you want something better and a little bigger than the 150 hp version is going to help you out more. The timing decreases to 11.1 seconds here. If you are still not happy then go for the range-topping 204 bhp bi-turbo engine and the timing is further lessened to 8.6 seconds.

This is with a manual gearbox and when the automatic one is fitted the timing slightly declines to 8.9 seconds. All these VW engines are built according to the Euro 6 emission standard so the environment does not have to be worried about anything.

There is a front-wheel-drive standard in the van but if you want then the four-wheel drive can also be installed from the options. The FWD is good for in town and country roads. But when you are going to work in areas with regular rains and snow then the all-wheel-drive will become handy.

Cabin excellence

This is where things are quite refreshing and either it is the load-carrying version or the people carrying there are very simple yet effective construction techniques used. The load carrier is made to do the exact work and Caravelle is a pure passenger carrier.

For the first one, there is a very utilitarian cabin with to the point dashboard and some basic and easily approachable controls. There are storage places but not much still a comfortable environment inside.

There are electric windows and heated electric mirrors as standard throughout the range. Here is also a 5-inch touch screen and driver’s seat adjustment for height, lumbar, reach and rake.

For different height drivers, these are very useful to get the right driving position. Also standard throughout is a DAB radio with Bluetooth and the touch screen has compatibility with USB, SD card and Aux inputs.

A very safe vehicle

There is a good number of safety features present in the vehicle to make sure you and your good reach destination safely. The van is highly reliable with a strong build-up and a list of helpful tools.

ESP and ABS braking, Automatic Post Collision Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Change Assist, Hill Hold Assist and a Driver Alert system are all there. Apart from these the optional ones are High beam assist and front fog lights.

There is no doubt that with or without a load at the back the vehicle will prove itself safe in both conditions. The 4 Motion four-wheel-drive system adds further to the safe side with extra road grip for slippery road conditions.

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