A comfortable car with all the trims getting a good list of equipment

People certainly prefer cars that have advanced features. But not all are like this. Some cannot afford the high priced vehicles and go for other options. Nissan Qashqai is such a car. With a low price range but still many things to keep the owner feel good about the purchase.

Nissan was the first one to introduce SUV in the market. At that time the new things it brought were attractive and up to mark. But now as other companies have also started producing them and competition has become tough.

If you see this SUV compared to other missing components become prominent. The exterior is however amazing. There are no traces of being old here. There are sharp curves a stylish grille and especially a solid build.

Move to the interior and it is here where you get the traces of getting outdated. But what is amazing is that the build quality even in the inside is reliable. The cabin arrangement is simple yet effective. Nissan Qashqai engines are moderate but trustworthy.

Nissan engines replacement does not create a problem being easily available. Nissan Qashqai engine rebuild is kept according to the standards of the company and dealers make sure it is done with care.

Engine line up

Engines of this SUV are all present but with normal outputs. But if you are not a speed lover then this will not matter. For most of the people, a car which does not take you to workshop often is the perfect one. There is Nissan 1.3-litre DIG-T turbo petrol engine in two variations; 140 h p and 1560 hp.

This engine replaced the old ones in 2018 proving to be smoother and punchier than previous engines. If you are a diesel person then you get a 1.5-litre dCi engine with 115 bhp. The other option for diesel is the 1.7-litre engine which has replaced the 1.6-litre previous engine in 2019.

The power it produces is of 150 hp. There are automatic as well as manual options offered. Other than the 1.3-litre engine fitted trims there is the manual transmission as standard. This engine has the new DCT and it goes well with it.

Most of the engines are economical but the one having 115 hp is said to be the most. It is not quick but still, there is a steady performance coming out of it.

Features packed

The cabin has been given high-quality upholstery and also the range of equipment. The cabin look has also been changed now loaded with tools as standard and they have a good number also.

But if you are after more advanced list then looking into the higher trims will be useful. The lower trim level does not have a touch screen but there are USB socket, Bluetooth connectivity and DAB radio present.

The Acenta Premium trim has Nissan’s Connect system which is operated through a 7.0-inch touch screen. Sat-nav, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, smartphone mirroring and 3d mapping are also there. There is also a remote app that can be downloaded.

It can also find your car when you forget where it was parked. It can send destinations to the sat-nav. The touch screen system is slow and not as sharp to match the present SUVs. Even in the range-topper trim, it is like that.

How much practical is it?

This vehicle is very practical. Some seats make the occupiers comfortable and give a good riding position. The driving position is also good and can be adjusted as needed. You do not have to sit inside the car with carrying things in your hands.

There are storage pockets present to relax travel without worry. To make the place between the front seats available for storage purpose the conventional hand brake is not present. There is an electronic parking brake switch instead.

There is a 360-degree all-round camera present in some trims. But the visibility is not that good due to the low-resolution result. There is a nice boot space present keeping in mind the small size of this car.

But a very intelligent solution to this problem is that it is made up of two panels, removing one can uncover a deeper space to increase the capacity.

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