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Renault Master small bus for twelve passengers

Easy to drive with 2.3 litre engine and fuel economy is also commendable

With twelve seats Renault Master is pragmatic choice to carry people. Adequate space for every single passenger of the vehicle and diesel engine pulls it without making rattling sound usual for this type of motors. Strong engine keeps it moving at high speed even when fully occupied.

This Renault master is quite easy to drive unlike other vehicles of the same size. After buying it you do not need to spend frequently for service. Gearbox is not as smooth as it should have been as it proves jerky at times. Riders on back seats would feel jolts of tracks as the suspension will not absorb imperfections but rest of passengers remain comfortable.

Safety features are not for everyone present in this vehicle. Active safety features are not present in options. It is a budget option for businesses that need a staff carrier without spending much. Space for luggage of riders is also reasonable and thus becomes a high rated vehicle in this category.

Exterior color range is wide

You can select one of the available ten colours and for three metallic buyers will be charged extra money. Twin turbo 2.3 litre diesel engine used by Nissan in Navara has been introduced to Master.

On highways, it runs smoothly at good speed due to the machine under the bonnet. It is quite capable of pulling loaded vehicle while ascending. Fuel consumption has not been mentioned for every hundred kilometers but figures of real life are quite commendable.

It takes a little bit more than 10 litres to cove a distance mentioned earlier. Six-speed transmissions’ gearbox is not fully automatic and it is front wheel drive vehicle. Performance indicates it as a good passengers’ vehicle.

A single engine has two different outputs 110hp and 130hp in single turbo and twin turbo engine has 145hp, 165hp, and 170hp power options.

Well thought out cabin settings

To make you enter the cabin with ease a step has been provided. Use of soft plastic in two tones creates the good impression. Under feet tough rubber also lets you feel cushioned.

Operating tech features controls is simple as all are well placed. A reverse parking sensor is an excellent option for this size of a vehicle. The headrest of Centre seat is an obstacle to get clear rear view otherwise driver gets the superb view.

Engine refinement of the vehicle is only second to Ford Transit that is completely hushed. Air vents are not for every seat but a series of them are present up to cargo area.

 Service intervals stretched to twelve months

This commercial vehicle of Renault offers just three years warranty though most of the rivals give five years time period. But service intervals have become twelve months long so you get an advantage.

All seats are separate so passengers enjoy their journey due to comfort. Rear and front wheel drive options can be picked thus this large van launched in 2010 has now become a popular one in Europe.

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