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The Renault Master is an upper-medium size van produced by the French manufacturer since 1980. Now it is in its third generation and over its life time, several body styles have been available, from a standard van to bigger models with a bit modification in different areas like size, height, engine power etc. Overall, it is the most practical, strong and economical van ever the Renault has made.

Renault Master Engine Range

  • Master LH 35 2.5dCi HP100
  • Master LH 35 2.5dCi HP150
  • Master LM 35 2.5dCi HP120
  • Master MH 35 2.5dCi HP100
  • Master MH 35 2.5dCi HP150
  • Master MM 33 2.5dCi HP120
  • Master SL 28 2.5dCi HP100
  • Master SL 28 2.5dCi HP120
  • Master SM 33 2.5dCi HP100

Renault Master Generation Phases

Renault Master is manufactured in three different generations in different year slabs. The latest generation is in its third mode and started since 2010 and still manufacturing in 3rd generation platform.

First Gen: 1980-1999

Second Gen: 1998-2010

Third Gen: 2010-present

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