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Mercedes Sprinter 316 Commercial Van with Superb Features

Collision prevention system and lane departure warning are among the safety features

Vans offering both cargo and passenger carrying models are not common. But Mercedes Sprinter has a variety of models which serve both aforesaid needs. It has the capacity to carry fifteen people and similarly heavy load when it comes to the load carrier vans in the range.

Mercedes Sprinter 316 engines rebuild to bring in use once again. Mercedes Sprinter 316 replacement engines is a good option to make a vehicle formidable once again. Used and reconditioned engines are always a good option if your old vehicle’s power unit stopped performing well.

One can easily find Mercedes Sprinter engines for sale as these are rebuilt to meet the required standards of performance once again. The engine has the capacity to pull the vehicle when fully loaded with ease and make it move swiftly.

This van has the variation in speed transmissions and offers two configurations rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The later one is definitely for the exuberant driving experience. Speed transmissions either of seven or nine both are automatic to keep you free to focus more on the drive.

Protection of people inside the cabin has been considered a top priority which is evident from the inclusion of high-tech safety gears in the new Sprinter. Collision prevention system, crosswind stabilization mechanism and lane departure warning are among the safety features.

This year an altogether new sprinter has been introduced

After every five years, the van gets major alterations or changes and they help the buyers to distinguish between the generations. The van was launched in the United States with hesitation as it has been built in Europe. But it was received rather warmly even when the possibility of confusion of maker of luxury cars introducing commercially used the van.

The United States is a large market of commercial vans and it is not possible to ignore this big chunk. The requirements and expectations of the commercial van buyers are somewhat same around the world so the success is definite. This year an altogether new Mercedes sprinter has been introduced a new generation of the van was due.

The latest model has improved comfort, infotainment features and exterior so you will get impressed as you get a chance to look at it. Absence of manual gearbox is felt by some drivers. And use of hard plastic to build interior is also considered a weak point. Now the United States is the second biggest market for the Mercedes commercial van segment after the home country of the luxury car maker.

Mercedes brand new infotainment system

Sprinter has received the brand new infotainment system of Mercedes. The buyers have the choice to select from seven inches and ten inches screen for their infotainment system. The van for the first time has received the touch-screen.

Driver and passenger can control the company’s brand new MBUX infotainment system as it can be operated through a touch screen, controls on the steering and through voice. The touch screen can be used very much like the screen of a smartphone.

Though it is not easy to understand the system quickly once you go through the layers. And hierarchy then you will face no issue in future. To help you out rotating menus are present and icons properly marked to assist you to navigate.

There is a physical button in the form of volume rocker to appease those who prefer to control with fingers. The steering wheel also has a touchpad and buttons so nothing is difficult as there are many alternatives available.

Cup holders are now added

Interior is not as luxurious as of cars of the company. But for working van it is not good to be as lavish as a car is. Seats are bit high and no separator for the front passenger seat and driver seat. In this way, it has also missed the centre console.

Cup holders are now added to the new Sprinter and you get five on each side thus total ten cup holders are there for the passengers. Integrated Wi-Fi hotspot with many connection points is also added in the new van.

Among options, you get wireless charging facility. Seat comfort has been improved and reclining has been made possible for the passengers’ seats. In this way, a good number of changes has been introduced in this model to make the van more successful in the United States and elsewhere.

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