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Mercedes Sprinter Instilling Modernity in Van Category

A successful effort of this lavish brand to establish itself in the van category

Mercedes has mastered its car category and now, the next target is the load carrying class. There is no doubt that it will succeed in this goal also. The Sprinter is becoming a standard for other vehicles to be checked and judged according to the characteristics it encompasses. The updates it is getting are making it more technology-rich, driving made easy, comfortable seating and the most important more and more load shifting capability. What else is asked for when looking for a van, Mercedes Sprinter is the space and variations that can personalize your space according to the need. The nose is made sharp in the try to give some style to a boring transport. Even there is an electric model with eSprinter which is a good wave for someone who is more inclined towards the economy. It has been a very popular vehicle since it was introduced in 1995. Considered as very capable the market since then has never declined for it. Especially due to the up to date additions, there has been an attraction for the consumers to incline their choice of vehicle for the purpose.

Engine choice is limited but responsive

Sprinter comes with two engines, one is a four-cylinder 2.0-litre, 2.1-Litre turbo diesel, and the other one is a 3.0-Litre V6. The first one is good enough for 188hp, the second one succeeds to deliver 161hp and the last V6 gives off 188hp.

These engines are paired with either a seven-speed or a nine-speed automatic transmission or the manual six-speed is also standard in many models. There has not been a change in this regard and the new one shares the same powertrain as it was in the last ones. The engines really give their full to the van even when it is loaded to its full capacity. Even the lower pull is really good which is, most of the times absent in this size vehicles. In the market, Mercedes Sprinter Engines are available as well as reconditioned Mercedes engines to facilitate any purpose at all.

Handling is as good as before

This one has the best handling side in the large van category. It is very suitable for the ones who have just started to use it. On curves, the ride remains composed and on track. The balance is intact all the time, the driver knows how much movement will take place on a certain act. Comfort remains intact no matter what kind of road you are on. The seats are large and even have a good support for legs and back not letting the driver get tired even after a full day spend behind the wheel.

In cargo, chassis-cab and passenger configurations the ride was smooth and controlled all because of the new springs and dampers. The Crosswind Assist is present to control the movement in case of there are windy situations.

Technology Side is Unusually Advanced

Transports like these have a set standard for just taking things or people from one place to another and that is the end of discussion. But Mercedes has gone beyond this perception. The technology side is equally given importance in this instance and many latest programs are there to facilitate. There is a choice of a 7 inch or a 10.3-inch touchscreen. There is the brand’s new infotainment system called MBUX system which can be controlled via touch, voice or steering-wheel controls. For those who love the buttons, there are some for volume and other controls. On the steering, there is also a touchpad and both the sides on the wheel have different functions for different programs. The voice control is very sensitive and works very well to give more facility to the driver.

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