All new S-Max used dynamic styling of the Mondeo saloon and Practicality of a Galaxy SUV

The second generation of the S-Max is more mature and well-built. Then it was in the first generation. It has dynamic styling and excellent practicality and ultimately a fun to drive even when fully loaded. Ford launched its first MPV under S-Max nameplate a decade ago. But the current model of the S-Max is much more stylish, fun to drive. And an even rounded version of the S-Max. The S-Max is a well-balanced family SUV. And can easily handle a family of seven to eight people in the UK. It can be more comfortable than the earlier models and filled with a load of technology gadgets. And other advanced features to disgrace even some luxury saloons and family cars offered in the UK market.

Ford has introduced the S-Max with a great range of Ford S-Max engines, too, ranging from fuel economy focused low power types of diesel, and to the flagship Ford petrol engines, every engine is best in its own. The only negative point is that the S-Max is a bit costly option against some of its competitors. And the happened due to extra gadgets and technologies were added to the range. The dashboard is well centred this time and all the gadgets are wrapping around the driver seat. So that he can control everything in an even convenient way, even the steering wheel has some controls.

 What is it?

It is the first ever Ford passenger vehicle which is using the new kinetic styling of the Ford motor company and it is the S-Max who is borrowing a lot of styling and features from other vehicles including Mondeo and Galaxy.

In particular, at shorter distances, seven seats had been at the house. With the rear seats satisfactory equipped to kids’ even adults to get relatively comfy there. For those families who have six members to carry, the S-Max is one of the best options. And they must go for a sports activity vehicle. It is much better than all other options in the same price band. The second generation of the Ford S-Max rubs shoulders with the likes of the Peugeot 5008. Renault Grand Scenic, and SEAT Alhambra. But it’s most important competition is certainly the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. The S-MAX’s primary rival is slightly more cost-effective and a tad extra spacious than Ford’s delivering.
Ford S-MAX buyers have four trim stages to opt from when they decide to buy an S-Max. The trims include Zetec, Titanium, Titanium sport and the upmarket Vignale spec. The latter of those was presented halfway through in 2016. While it kits out the S-MAX with all of the bells and whistles you could ask for. It’s a high priced alternative which doesn’t compare favourably to in a similar fashion priced luxury MPVs in the UK.

Ford S-Max Diesel engines

The entire diesel engines are of identical ability Ford 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engines though there’s a choice of power levels and outputs. At the power output of 118bhp, with 310Nm of torque and a 13.4 second 0-62mph time. Anticipated to be basically the most standard. The 148bhp unit makes typically the most experience due to the fact that of its extra 40Nm of torque. And 10.8 seconds from zero-62mph acceleration.

If you prefer probably the most strong 178bhp variant, which has 400Nm of torque. And ten seconds to zero-62mph time, there would be no emission penalty on this version. This model surely feels brisk with a reasonably tender supply of ford s-max engine power and authentic refinement. Having tried the 148bhp unit in exceptional Ford models we’d anticipate it to behave in a similar way, even though. Ford has the largest aftermarket of its parts in the UK. And there is no doubt that reconditioned Ford S-Max engines can be sourced relatively easy in the UK.

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