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Citroen C4 A Good Value For Money

It is Offered with Simple Controls, Better Technology and more Efficient Engines than Before

The vehicle was introduced back in 2004 and was upgraded in 2010. This year brought new looks to the exterior and interior and with it improving the technology side. There was again a facelift in 2015 and it brought the present Citroen C4 engines. That is enhanced at the job. There is a good line-up of tech side even in the base trims. And there are also a good number of engines available. The styling has been changed from the starting one to make it according to the present standards. There are deficiencies in the performance and handling issues along with old-tech make it fall behind the rivals. But if we see at the number of features which are obtained at a lower price. Than your pocket will be happy. Also, there are Citroen reconditioned engines for sale becoming a helping hand and not making the maintaining part difficult. Chic touches are present not only at the front; these are also visible at the rear side. Especially those head and tail lights really add to the different styling. With those additions, it was meant to raise its standards according to the present needs.

Good Number of engines

There are two engines with four variations at present available to power up this vehicle. There were five before and that gave a lot of choices to choose from. The petrol engines included in the list is of a 1.2-litre. And the options it presents are 108 bhp or 128 bhp. The diesel side gets a C4 1.6-litre turbocharged engine and this one offers 98 bhp and 118 bhp. The figures at the petrol side may seem impressive but they fall behind in speed and refinement.

Diesel is your choice especially the 118 bhp which is smooth on the run. And have more power than petrol engines. The higher power options get a six-speed manual gearbox while the lower ones are paired with a five-speed manual transmission. Two most important things that combine and make a complete car are a comfort and fun element while driving. Unfortunately, this good looking car is devoid of driving fun. And equipped with inappropriate comfort which sometimes also show negative aspects.


This is a negative side of this car which is one of those factors that lets it down among the rivals. As mentioned above the comfort level of this car is more at the higher side. And anything which leaves a balance becomes a problem. There is body lean due to that over smooth suspension and the steering also do not show the accuracy which is needed. The placement is not an area where the driver can be confident and feel relax.

But the economy side is pretty good and you do not have to pay a lot to keep it moving. This is a vehicle good for the beginners and youngsters, as they can afford it easily. It will also keep the speed under control for them and make that early day of driving helpful.

Cabin space and practicality

There is a good amount of cabin space at the front and for the boot but the rear seats suffers somewhat. It is that the boot area has covered much of the distribution. And the back seats are getting cramped for the taller ones especially. There are soft plastic areas but the other side also exists. For the practicality, the storage places really become helpful to tuck in the hand carries. And the boot can accommodate any size luggage. There is also an underfloor storage area which further increases the cargo space. It is practical and comfortable but not more than this.

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