A great exterior and splendid machine under the bonnet

The German company always wants to surprise the buyers with new features and till release of a new model the fingers remain crossed. The small 1 series cars with diesel engines have close rival of Audi. It is really in reach of many due to low cost and low carbon emission. BMW 118d fuel efficiency is also fabulous to make it a wonderful vehicle. The powerful engine ensures a lively drive due to torque and ability to produce handsome top speed.

It reaches to a speed of 130 m/h that is seriously good and average fuel consumption for 62m is five liter. With these numbers you can easily imagine the performance of this small car with splendid fuel economy. The exterior designing of the automobile is dashing and impressive. The cabin is comfortable and you get all advanced equipments for driver assistance and passengers’ entertainment during a ride.

The only rear wheel drive hatchback performs good

It is rear wheel drive car so you get a chance to experience fun while driving and handling it. With this full power of the engine that is three hundred Newton Meters come into play and driving becomes exquisite. It reaches to your desired speed in no time and it is real advantage.

In the same way it reduces its speed as a good transport option on busy roads of city. It is powered by 2.0-Litre turbo diesel engine and six speed manual gearbox run it quite smoothly. There is optional auto speed gearbox to choose and it is up to the mark as well. Technology to regenerate brake energy is also quite useful for the owners.

Comparison also place it higher in the list

When compared with other cars of this size it is not that roomy like Volkswagen Golf. Price of the car is another hampering element for its sales but while having a look on equipments it does not seem expensive by any means. So it is price of the features and luxury not of the brand name. This 1 series hatchback is unique in the sense that it is a rear wheel drive.

Petrol engines are also there in range of this series but diesel engines are considered the best. To get a luxurious brand car it is the right choice as the price is very competitive when you think of an upscale vehicle and facilities present for the driver and passengers riding in.

Green car award won by it that prove it environment-friendly

It is demand of the authorities all around the globe to control carbon release and the same Green and Clean have been ensured by this vehicle as it won World Green Car title in 2008. Originally it omits 119g of carbon dioxide for every kilometre that is good for the environment by all standards.

The styling either of exterior or designing of interior layout is attractive. Leaf shaped headlights and front side grille has made it unique. In the same manner when one gets in then come across good feel of interior.

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