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The Opel Meriva, also known as Vauxhall Meriva, is a multipurpose vehicle engineered and produced by the German automakers, Opel. It started its production from May 2003 to present.

It was called as the mini MPV in its first generation. In the new Meriva, the seat comfort has also advanced with the adoption of front seat technology which is taken forward from the Insignia and Vectra.

Meriva Generations and Engine Ranges

Vauxhall Meriva has been under production since 2003 and has gone through two generations with modifications in engine trims. Generation wise engine trims are as below.

1st Generation: 2003-2010

  • 1.4 L Z14XEP I4 Petrol Engine
  • 1.6 L Z16XE I4 Petrol Engine
  • 1.6 L Z16SE I4 Petrol Engine
  • 1.6 L I4 Turbocharged petrol Engine
  • 1.3 L I4 Diesel Engine
  • 1.7 L I4 Diesel Engine
  • 1.8 L Z18XE I4 Petrol Engine

2nd Generation: 2003-2010

  • 1.4 L I4 Petrol Engine
  • 1.4 L I4 turbo Petrol Engine
  • 1.3 L I4 Diesel Engine
  • 1.7 L I4 Diesel Engine

Get the Best Quality Vauxhall Meriva Reconditioned Engines

Engine Trust is the best place where you can easily get the premium quality Vauxhall Meriva engines in simple and easy steps. There are numerous variants of Vauxhall engines. From a huge variety of petrol and diesel engines, Vauxhall is the market leader having the most economical as well as powerful engines. Engine Trust’s reputation is built on its ability to search good Vauxhall engines for its customers in the best conditions through our reliable Vauxhall engine suppliers.

Whether it’s a bare Head to Head Engine or a full Supply and Fit, our reliable Vauxhall Meriva engine suppliers give customized service. A large number of ready stock of Vauxhall Meriva engines for sale is available for all models.

Vauxhall Meriva Recon and Used Engines Warranty

We give special care to our customers. That’s why for the satisfaction of the customer and for the surety of the engine unit quality, a standard warranty is provided. We give full backup for the provided engines. We always welcome you at Engine Trust.

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