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Most Popular Toyota Celica Engines

Toyota Celica Engine Prices

Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Engine Code Fuel Engine Size Models Years Average Price Quote
1ZZ-FE Petrol/Alcohol 1.8 litre Celica 1999 - 2005 £ 549
2ZZ-GE Petrol 1.8 litre Celica 1999 - 2005 £ 1,133

Toyota Celica Reconditioned Engines in UK

The Toyota Celica is a sports coupe produced by the Japanese company Toyota from 1970 to 2006. Through its life span, the Celica has been powered by various four-cylinder engines. In August 1985, the car’s layout was changed from rear wheel drive to front wheel drive. In the range of sporty Toyota cars, Celica is situated between MR2 and the legendary Toyota Supra.

Best Condition Reconditioned Toyota Celica Engines for Sale

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Generation Phases and Engine Trims

The Toyota Celica is manufactured under seven different phases and has gone through many revisions and design forks. Yearly slabs are described as below.

1st Gen: 1970-1977
  • 1.4 L T I4
  • 1.6 L 2T, 2T-B & 2T-G I4
  • 1.9 L 8R I4
  • 2.0 L 18R & 18R-G I4
  • 2.2 L 20R I4
2nd Gen: 1977-1981
  • 1.5 L 2T & 2T-G I4
  • 1.5 L 12T I4
  • 1.7 L 3T/13T I4
  • 1.9 L 18R & 18R-G I4 (RA40 & RA45)
  • 1.9 L 21R I4 (RA46)
  • 2.1 L 20R I4 (RA42)
  • 2.3 L 22R I4 (RA43)
3rd Gen: 1981-1985
  • 1.5 L 2T-B/2T-G I4 (TA60/61)
  • 1.5 L 4A-G I4 (AA63)
  • 1.7 L 3T-E I4 (TA62)
  • 1.7 L 3T-GTE I4 (TA63)
  • 1.7 L 4T-GTEU I4 (TA64)
  • 1.8 L 1S-U I4 (SA60)
  • 1.9 L 18R-G I4 (RA63)
  • 1.9 L 21R I4 (RA60/61)
  • 1.9 L 2S-C I4 (SA63)
  • 2.3 L 22R/22R-E I4 (RA64/65
4th Gen: 1985-1989
  • 1.6 L I4 4A-GE
  • 1.8 L I4 1S-iLU
  • 1.8 L I4 4S-Fi
  • 2.0 L I4 2S-ELC
  • 2.0 L I4 2S-FE
  • 2.0 L I4 3S-FE
  • 2.0 L I4 3S-GE
  • 2.0 L I4 3S-GTE turbo
5th Gen: 1989-1993
  • 1.6 L 4A-FE I4
  • 2.0 L 3S-FE I4
  • 2.0 L 3S-GE I4
  • 2.0 L turbo 3S-GTE I4
  • 2.2 L 5S-FE I4
6th Gen: 1993-1999
  • 1.8 L 7A-FE I4,
  • 2.0 L 3S-FE I4,
  • 2.0 L 3S-GE I4,
  • 2.0 L 3S-GTE I4 turbo,
  • 2.2 L 5S-FE I4
7th Gen: 1999-2006     
  • 1.8 L 1ZZ-FE I4
  • 1.8 L 2ZZ-GE I4

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