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Most Popular Subaru Engines

Replacement Subaru Engine Price Guide

Subaru Subaru Baja Engine Average rating: 5 4 1256
Subaru Subaru Brz Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru Dex Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru Dias Wagon Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru Exiga Engine Average rating: 5 4 1237
Subaru Subaru Forester Engine Average rating: 5 4 1075
Subaru Subaru Impreza Engine Average rating: 5 4 1075
Subaru Subaru Legacy Engine Average rating: 5 4 1237
Subaru Subaru Levorg Engine Average rating: 5 4 2058
Subaru Subaru Lucra Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru Outback Engine Average rating: 5 4 1075
Subaru Subaru Pleo Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru R1 Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru R2 Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru Sambar Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru Stella Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru Traviq Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru Trezia Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru Tribeca Engine Average rating: 5 4
Subaru Subaru Wrx Engine Average rating: 5 4 1256
Subaru Subaru Xv Engine Average rating: 5 4 3211
Subaru Engines Average Price Quote
Subaru Baja engine Subaru Baja Engines £ 1,256
Subaru Brz engine Subaru Brz Engines N/A
Subaru Dex engine Subaru Dex Engines N/A
Subaru Dias Wagon engine Subaru Dias Wagon Engines N/A
Subaru Exiga engine Subaru Exiga Engines £ 1,237
Subaru Forester engine Subaru Forester Engines £ 1,075
Subaru Impreza engine Subaru Impreza Engines £ 1,075
Subaru Legacy engine Subaru Legacy Engines £ 1,237
Subaru Levorg engine Subaru Levorg Engines £ 2,058
Subaru Lucra engine Subaru Lucra Engines N/A
Subaru Outback engine Subaru Outback Engines £ 1,075
Subaru Pleo engine Subaru Pleo Engines N/A
Subaru R1 engine Subaru R1 Engines N/A
Subaru R2 engine Subaru R2 Engines N/A
Subaru Sambar engine Subaru Sambar Engines N/A
Subaru Stella engine Subaru Stella Engines N/A
Subaru Traviq engine Subaru Traviq Engines N/A
Subaru Trezia engine Subaru Trezia Engines N/A
Subaru Tribeca engine Subaru Tribeca Engines N/A
Subaru Wrx engine Subaru Wrx Engines £ 1,256
Subaru Xv engine Subaru Xv Engines £ 3,211

Cheapest Subaru Engine Prices

Engine Trust is the only price comparison site that offers replacement Subaru engine price comparison services across the UK. We can source all kind of Subaru replacement engines with an outstanding quality rebuilt and reconditioned engines to offer top notch performance.

It is very easy for us to source engines for the most modern Subaru models with the help of our large network of verified engine sellers connected to our website. They stock a huge inventory of reconditioned, used, remanufactured and second hand engines for sale and prices are just great.

History of Subaru

Subaru was first started in 1915, from Fuji Heavy Industries as an Aircraft Research Laboratory and around a decade after it converted into the Nakajima Aircraft Company Ltd, and started mass manufacturing of the aircrafts in Japan during the WWII. After the WWII, this aircraft company became famous as Sangyo Co, Ltd.

In the car markets, Subaru is the subsidiary of Fuji Heavy industries and it is 20 percent owned by Nissan and since 1968. This acquisition was made after the governmental order of merging the Japanese companies to enhance the competitiveness in the international markets.

Nissan helps the company to enhance the bus manufacturing ability of Subaru, its first ever all-wheel drive automatic transmission known as 4EAT was used in the Pathfinder and afterwards these shares were sold to Renault and in 1999 to General Motors.

Subaru cars are known for their best in the town boxer engines and the layout in the most vehicles over 1500cc. Subaru offers several turbocharged versions of its 2.5-litre flat engines in the Outback and Forester.

Engine Manufacturer

Subaru is the only manufacturer of quality boxer engines or commonly known as flat engines across the globe and has introduced the variable geometry turbocharger technology in its engines. It is the master of flat and horizontally opposed internal combustion engines. Subaru engines across the globe have low fault rate and rarely breaks down.

Used Subaru Engines for Sale

If you are looking for a used or reconditioned Subaru engine, don't hesitate to put in the details of required engine, manually or giving us your vehicle registration number. Either way, you will take the best price quote from trusted and verified engine suppliers.

Subaru Engines Fitting Services

The all-inclusive service which our engine sellers’ offer, includes the reconditioning and repairing of the halted engines and fitting of replacement engines including used, second hand and repaired units into your Subaru vehicle.

Our partners have modern workshops to get the work done on your car. After fitting, either they are new, used, second hand, refurbished or  reconditioned; the engine performance is checked through various tests for free.

Subaru Engines Fitting Service

An excellently reconditioned engine for your Subaru vehicle is clicks away with us. If you are already involved with any garage somewhere, no problem, simply ask for a delivery of your replacement engine.

Moreover, if it is more suitable for you, to collect your Subaru engine in person, they can arrange a collection as well.

Warranty on Used Subaru Engines

Used engines usually sourced from accidental vehicles. No repair work on these engines carried out, but test for the performance. Warranty on these engines purely depends on the seller that if they offer any warranty or not. We simply offer you the best available price quotes in the market and a list of verified engine sellers.