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Renault Scenic Engine Problems

Check the instrument panel, if the engine management light is on or flashing it means that your engine has some problem. The light informs you that you have to check it straight away and if you understand the engine codes and structure than take the engine diagram to have a look. In the case of problem you should visit the nearest garage for a complete scan and tuning.

Renault Scenic Engine History

The Renault Scenic was introduced in 1995 and was developed on the Megane platform. The Renault has used a variety of engines in the Scenic models since 1995.

Renault Scenic Engine 1995

In 1995 the first generation of the Scenic came with seven different engines, starting with the 1.4-litre and ending with a 2.0-litre powerplant. This generation was in production till 1999 and used both diesel and petrol variants. In the diesel line up 1.9-litre in 4-cylinder formation was capable of producing 64hp while the emissions of CO2 stood at 188.2 gm/km. Similarly in the petrol line-up the most powerful contestant was a 2.0-litre with four cylinder line-up and 115hp engine on the multipoint fuel injection system.

Renault Scenic Engine 1999-2003

Scenic was launched in 1997 and the second generation came in 1999. In 1999 the Scenic came with the same combination of engines, but all of those were refreshed to higher powers. The 1.4L 16V engines was updated to 94hp from 64hp. Similarly the 2.0L 16V was updated to 137hp from the previous 114hp. A range of diesel engines from 63hp to 137hp were also introduced in the second generation.

Renault Scenic Engine 2000-2003

The new RX4 modules introduced in this generation were called Scenic RX4. It was equipped with the electronic differential system which allows the drivers to start or stop RX4 system by a push of a button. There were only two variables of engines available, the RX4 2.0D 16V diesel engine with 137hp and RX4 1.9dCi petrol engine with 94hp.

Renault Scenic Engine 2003-2009

The all new Scenic was introduced in 2004 with the new variable value timing VVT technology in all petrol and two diesel engines. Petrol engines from 1.4L 16V to 2.0L 16V with the power of 98hp to 136hp respectively. The diesel combination was from 1.5dCi to 1.9dCi with power range 80hp to 120hp. The sequential proactive automatic gearbox was also introduced in this generation.

Renault Scenic Engine 2009-Present

The Scenic III was introduced in 2009 with a big range of new and modified engines from 1.4L TCe with 130hp, 1.5dCi with 106hp, 1.6VVT with 130hp, 1.9dCi with 130hp, 2.0CVT with 140hp, 2.0Turbo with 150 and the 2.0dCi new auto FAP with 150hp.

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