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Engine Trust has a huge range of trusted and verified suppliers who supply quality used and replacement Renault Kangoo diesel, 1.5 dci and 1.9 diesel engine for sale online. Our main focus is to provide customers with a choice of getting the best value for their money hence all our replacement, used and recon engines suppliers give 6 months written warranty for extra peace of mind. It is also worth checking if the garage has delivery services and offers engine fitting services.

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How to keep your Engine Healthy?

The oil filter and air filter should not be neglected as the engine management light can come on if these things are not properly looked after. After changing the engine oil and cleaning the air filter, if you still have the engine management light on than get it checked from your nearest garage. A reputable garage should be able to diagnose any engine problems and sort them out. It is recommended that you change engine oil regularly to avoid damaging your Renault Kangoo engine and increase its life.

The Renault Kangoo engine code and number can be found on the logbook. One important thing to remember is that when changing engine you should make sure that you are placing it rightly on the engine mount. As Renault Kangoo is built with van like practicality in mind so van engine problems can occur as well.

Renault Kangoo engine parts are easily available and the servicing is not costly either. Engine Trust also have vetted suppliers of cylinder heads and quality gearboxes on board.

Renault Kangoo Engine Problems

The Renault Kangoo is a reliable vehicle, but engine problems have been reported. These problems include faulty exhaust gas regulator bringing the engine to sudden stop, the EGR failing and taking the turbo with it, it doesn't go above 70mph and black smoke comes out of the back.

Renault Kangoo Engine History

The Renault Kangoo is a panel van and leisure activity vehicle manufactured by the French automaker Renault since 1997. The first generation Renault Kangoo was introduced in 1997. It had a facelift in 2003, resulting in a Phase II model.

Renault Kangoo 1st Generation: (1997-2007)

In 1997 first generation Kangoo was introduced by the French automaker Renault. The Kangoo is a based on a van hence it's very practical. The entry level Renault Kangoo petrol engine was 1.0 L D-series delivering 59bhp and the basic diesel engine was 1.5 L dci diesel giving outputs ranging from 57bhp to 88bhp.

Renault Kangoo 2nd Generation: (2008-Present)

The new Renault Kangoo is the new generation light commercial vehicles (LCV) in Renault's lineup and is based on the Scenic. The engine for Renault Kangoo comes in four body styles: the Kangoo Compact, the Kangoo Van, the Kangoo Van Maxi and the Kangoo Van Maxi Crew Van.

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