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Most Popular Renault Engines

Replacement Renault Engine Price Guide

Renault Renault Clio Engine Average rating: 5 4
Renault Renault Espace Engine Average rating: 5 4 1595
Renault Renault Kangoo Engine Average rating: 5 4 705
Renault Renault Koleos Engine Average rating: 5 4 1771
Renault Renault Laguna Engine Average rating: 5 4 814
Renault Renault Master Engine Average rating: 5 4 1263
Renault Renault Megane Engine Average rating: 5 4 747
Renault Renault Modus Engine Average rating: 5 4 704
Renault Renault Scenic Engine Average rating: 5 4 747
Renault Renault Thalia Engine Average rating: 5 4 725
Renault Renault Trafic Engine Average rating: 5 4 1111
Renault Renault Twingo Engine Average rating: 5 4 725
Renault Engines Average Price Quote
Renault Clio engine Renault Clio Engines N/A
Renault Espace engine Renault Espace Engines £ 1,595
Renault Kangoo engine Renault Kangoo Engines £ 705
Renault Koleos engine Renault Koleos Engines £ 1,771
Renault Laguna engine Renault Laguna Engines £ 814
Renault Master engine Renault Master Engines £ 1,263
Renault Megane engine Renault Megane Engines £ 747
Renault Modus engine Renault Modus Engines £ 704
Renault Scenic engine Renault Scenic Engines £ 747
Renault Thalia engine Renault Thalia Engines £ 725
Renault Trafic engine Renault Trafic Engines £ 1,111
Renault Twingo engine Renault Twingo Engines £ 725

Used & Reconditioned Renault engines Prices

Have you been searching for a reconditioned or used Renault engine, then you have been landed at the right page, it is your home to all kind of Renault replacement engines for sale across the UK. Engine Trust can offer you a large selection of petrol and diesel used and reconditioned engines for your Renault from trustworthy suppliers.

We have a large network of trustworthy engine suppliers working with us who offer price quotes at our website. They can only join after a strict verification of their credentials.

Renault Rebuilt Engines for Sale

We offer no obligation completely free quotes on reconditioned and rebuilt petrol and diesel Renault engines. The most famous models include Renault Clio, Renault Megane, Renault Scenic, Renault Master, and Renault Traffic but it doesn’t mean that engines for other models will not be offered or not available.

History of Renault as a Brand

Renault Corporation was established in 1899 as Société Renault Frères by Louis Renault. Louis was an engineer and was involved in designing several prototypes before joining his brothers, who were managing the textile mills of their father.

First ever Renault came into being on 24th of December 1898. Renault nurtured its reputation rapidly through innovations after innovations. At that time, a smallest Renault car was priced around 3000 francs, which was equal to the ten years pay of an average worker.

Company introduced mass production techniques soon after their first car was launched in the market. On January 1945, the car manufacturer was nationalised by French government. In 1961, the national courts responded that they do not have any rights to review the decisions of the government.

Louis Renault invented the direct drive gear, without any driving belt and the uphill performance was very well for this system. First car series of Renault 8 was introduced in 1963 with disk brakes on all four wheels. In 1980, first patent for braking distribution device was registered. A real time location and weather information system was introduced in 1988, program received great support from all over the Europe and then real time location and human machine interfaces were included in the Renault R-Link systems and Tom-Tom devices.

Renault Engines Price Enquiry

If you received price quotes and are still have any issues or not agreed to the prices, you can contact the sellers for further information regarding the price.

If you have any issues regarding data presentation on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will answer all your queries and questions in this regard.

We make sure at every stage that our customers will receive a high quality reconditioned engine!

Renault Reconditioned Engines

Our network of engine suppliers offer a range of reconditioned, refurbished and second hand engines and they have a large stock of engines ready to be fitted in your Renault vehicle. A large amount of Renault engines, no matter petrol or diesel is available in stock.

It is the main factor that enables us to offer the best deals to our customers. Our engine sellers offer standard warranty on every reconditioned and remanufactured engine, however, every reconditioned engine comes with new piston rings and all gaskets. If engineers and technicians think that the main bearing is not up to the standard, they replace it with a new unit as well.

A reconditioned engine consists of full service of engine and cylinder head by splitting it apart, machine work on almost every part, oil pump check, replaced if required, new piston rings and restored tolerances on every part to offer the maximum when on the road.

Renault Engines Fitting Service

As almost every supplier in our network is engaged in engine remanufacturing, rebuilding and reconditioning, it is not a big deal for them to offer engine fitting services to our customers. They have decades of experience in engine manufacturing and repairing, and have state of the art workshops to offer top quality engine fitting services for every model offered in the UK.

Warranty on Renault Engines

Majority of engine dealers in our network offer standard warranty on reconditioned and remanufactured engines. In the case of used and second hand engines, it is usually very hard to offer warranty on those units, but you can confirm directly from the engine supplier.

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