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Mercedes-benz Cla Engine Prices

Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Engine Code Fuel Engine Size Models Years Average Price Quote
OM 607.951 Diesel 1.5 litre Cla Coupe , Cla Shooting Brake 2013 - Continue £ 2,913
OM 651.901 Diesel 1.8 litre Cla Coupe 2013 - Continue £ 4,131
M 270.920 Petrol/Gas 2.0 litre Cla Coupe , Cla Shooting Brake 2013 - Continue £ 5,057
OM 651.930 Diesel 2.1 litre Cla Coupe , Cla Shooting Brake 2013 - Continue £ 5,187
M 133.980 Petrol 2.0 litre Cla Coupe , Cla Shooting Brake 2013 - Continue £ 7,078
Mercedes-benz Cla Engine Fuels
Recon and Used

Buy Mercedes CLA replacement engines, cheapest online prices

Mercedes Benz CLA comes in two petrol models which are CLA 180 and CLA 250, having a big variation in power from 120 to 215bhp correspondingly. The diesel models have the same 2.1-litre engine, with the CLA 200d getting 134bhp and the CLA 220d providing 175bhp. Fuel economy for the diesel engine reaches up to 70.6mpg producing 105g/km of CO2.

Mercedes Benz CLA Replacement engines

If your Mercedes Benz CLA engine has broken down and want your same car back on the road, then replacement engine is the best option for you because these engines are great performers on the road and low in price.

You can opt any option from Reconditioned, Remanufactured or low mileage used engines in accordance with the size of your pocket. Out of these three options, Remanufactured engines are the units restructured by the experts by replacing the defective parts by the new ones, hence are quite expensive than Reconditioned or low mileage used engines.

Mercedes-benz CLA Engine
Used Mercedes-benz CLA Engine
Engine for Mercedes-benz CLA

A renowned place to find cheap replacement engines-Engine Trust

If your Mercedes Benz CLA engine is faulty and causing problem in driving, then it is the best time to replace your vehicle’s engine. You can get an engine for your car in low cost in contrast to new engine while performance is the same. If you want to get a healthy replacement engine for your Mercedes Benz CLA, you are at right place. What you need to do is to enter the of your Mercedes Benz CLA to get free online quotes from our vendors. Afterwards, from the provided quotes, compare the prices to pick the best deal which meets your pocket size. We have expert and trustworthy sellers around the UK so you cannot put doubt on their proficiencies. Just compare prices and get your engine instantly. No ifs ands or buts about it.

Replacement Engines for Mercedes-benz CLA
Recon Mercedes-benz CLA Engine
Reconditioned Mercedes-benz CLA Engine
Free Warranty as standard for replacement Mercedes Benz CLA engines

Engine Trust works only for your satisfaction and relief. All of our suppliers offer you the finest quality replacement engines at cheapest price. As a matter of fact, remanufactured engines are the most expensive among replacement engines, therefore, their warranty span is also maximum. But the standard period of warranty offered for replacement Mercedes CLA engine is between six to twelve months depending on the engine condition and the size of your pocket.

Our incredible supply and fit service for Mercedes CLA replacement engines

In order to provide you complete ease and relaxation, we also provide you a decent supply and fit service for every replacement engine sold. The same goes for Mercedes CLA replacement engine. Get quality replacement engine from the trustworthy sellers of Engine Trust, and get it supplied and fitted under your vehicle’s bonnet.

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