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Replacement Mercedes-benz C-Class Engine Types
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Recon and Used

Reconditioned and Used Mercedes C Class Engines, Cheapest Replacement Cost

Recon, Reman and low mileage Used engines are the three categories of replacement engines which you can buy from. As Reconditioned engines are superior to Recon and Used engines, these are expensive in comparison to Recon and Used engines. You have to keep a close eye on your budget before selecting the right type of replacement engine for your Mercedes C Class.

Why Engine Trust is top site of UK?

What Engine Trust is beneficial for? This is very important question. Engine Trust is a price comparison website. Our suppliers are chosen from all over the UK who have tremendous reputation in the market. When you enter the of your Mercedes C Class, our sellers send you online quotes for Recon, Reman and Used engines for Mercedes C Class. You only need to compare the prices from given quotes to choose the engine suiting your budget and car too. The details about the engine type and warranty time and replacement cost will be offered

Engine for Mercedes-benz C-Class
Mercedes-benz C-Class Engine
Recon Mercedes-benz C-Class Engine

A brief History of C Class

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class are compact executive cars manufactured by Daimler AG since 1993. C Class models are produced in four generations which include first generation W202 that extends from 1993 to 2000. Second generation W203 occupies almost eight years i.e. 2000–2007. Third generation W204 started from 2007 and the models get discontinued in 2014. The fourth generation W205 is now producing its models since 2014.

Common errors with the Mercedes C Class engine

Although all the models are quite efficient, yet with the passage of time engine starts creating troubles. The most common problems with Mercedes C Class engine involves the internal and external coolant leakage from the timing cover gasket; before engine oil and coolant blend, these leaks need to be repaired or it can result in severe engine destruction. Many cases have been seen of the cooling system hoses failure unexpectedly. The hoses can look good on the outside, but the rubber can degrade and erode on the inside.

  1. Due to degradation of its plastic components, a coolant leak may develop from the radiator.
  2. A coolant leak is common from the water pump. While replacing the water pump, the drive belt tensioner should be examined and most likely replaced as well.
  3. Oil may leak from the cam adjuster solenoid into the engine wiring harness and it may damage the engine control unit if this oil travels through the wires.

in quotes so you will be able to carefully buy the perfect match for your Mercedes C Class.

Reconditioned Mercedes-benz C-Class Engine
Replacement Engines for Mercedes-benz C-Class
Used Mercedes-benz C-Class Engine
Warranty for replacement Mercedes C Class engine

Warranty is a word that shows satisfaction. Keeping your satisfaction in mind, our sellers offer free warranty as standard for every single engine they sell. Remanufactured engines, generally, are given more period of warranty because of having higher cost than Reconditioned or Used engines. You will get the exact details of warranty period in the online quotes, but the average period of warranty for replacement Mercedes C Class engine is one year.

Our supply and fit service at affordable rates

Supply and fit service given by our sellers is sensational. Very affordable in cost, our service is available for every single replacement engine. So, get your replacement engine and enjoy the supply and fit service too.

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