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OM 651.921 Engine Detail

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  • OM 651.921
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Condition :Remanufactured

a fully reconditioned engine block


Engine Fuel Diesel Engine Layout Straight
Engine Actual CC 2143 cc Engine Size 1.6
Engine Valves 16 Engine Cylinders 4
Engine Horse Power 136 HP Engine Power Kilo Watt 100 kW
Engine Fuel Supply Direct Injection Engine Code OM 651.921
Engine Camshaft Drive Engine Charge Exhaust Turbo Charger

Best Quality Mercedes-Benz OM 651.921 Engines at Cheapest Rates

In a bid to have engine replacement with some good one, you would need a reliable source like the Engine Trust. From where, you could have Mercedes-Benz OM 651.921 engine without any fuss and extra charges. We have a strong network of engine suppliers from all over the UK.

With magical and classical look, the Mercedes-Benz has always encircled its lovers with jaw-dropping car models. No stone is unturned to equip these models with updated auto technologies to make them unique cars. The overall designing and manufacturing of the vehicles are marvelous.

High Performance Engine

Amidst the key parts of a vehicle, engine with its forceful role, emerges out from the rest. This Mercedes-Benz OM 651.921 engine is an exemplary example of power. Your car is lulled by its all-encompassing efficient parts. This high performance 1.6 litres diesel engine has 136 HP. In so far as its fuel supply system is concerned, it is based on direct injection system. Having 2143 cc, the engine has 16 valves and it is of 4-Cylinder.

High Quality Used and Reconditioned Engines

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Some Issues with Mercedes-Benz OM 651.921 Engine

The maintenance regimen is first and foremost must-have for keeping a vehicle in active form. Most commonly faced problems are balance shaft failure and transmission issue. A vigilant care must be had before some mishap encircles you. So do the replacement in time.

OM 651.921 Engine Fits These Models

Series Model Year Fuel Engine Size Horse Power Body Type KW  
C-Class C-Class 1993 - 2014 Diesel 1.6 136 Saloon 100 Get Free Quote
C-Class C-Class Convertible 2016 - continue Diesel 1.6 136 Convertible 100 Get Free Quote
C-Class C-Class Coupe 2001 - 2011 Diesel 2.1 136 Coupe 100 Get Free Quote
C-Class C-Class T-Model 2001 - 2014 Diesel 1.6 136 Estate 100 Get Free Quote
Glc-Class Glc 2015 - continue Diesel 2 136 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 100 Get Free Quote
Glc-Class Glc Coupe 2016 - continue Diesel 2 136 Coupe 100 Get Free Quote
S-Class S-Class 1998 - 2013 Diesel 2.1 136 Saloon 100 Get Free Quote

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