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BMW 1 Series 116D Engine Prices

Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Rated 4.31/5 based on 213 customer reviews
Engine Code Fuel Engine Size Years Average Price Quote
N47 D20 C Diesel 2.0 litre 2003 - 2013 £ 1,226
N47 D20 A Diesel 2.0 litre 2003 - 2013 £ 1,264
B37 D15 A Diesel 1.5 litre 2003 - 2013 £ 1,995
N47 D16 A Diesel 1.6 litre 2003 - 2013 £ 2,259
BMW 1 Series 116D Engine Fuels

Why Compare with Engine Trust?

Engine Trust makes finding a top quality reconditioned BMW 116 engine very easy. All you have to do is enter your vehicle registration details and we will do the rest. We provide stress free engine comparison at just one click. Our suppliers are carefully verified before they can quote prices on our website for used, replacement and second hand BMW 116 engines.

BMW 116 Engine History

The BMW 1 Series is a premium family hatchback designed to compete with the likes of the Audi A3, Volkswagen Golf and Mercedes A-Class. The BMW 116 is the only car in this class with a rear wheel drive that matches sports cars and is available in three and five door versions.

BMW 116D Engine
Engine for BMW 116D
Recon BMW 116D  Engine

BMW 116 Engine Types

BMW 116 Engines were launched in 3 petrol variations throughout the years are as follows:-

  • BMW 116i 1.6 Hatchback (2004-2012) Engine
  • BMW 116i 1.5 Hatchback (2010-2015) Engine
  • BMW 116i 2.0 Hatchback (2004-2012) Engine

BMW 116 Engine Codes

  • N45B16A Engine
  • N43B16A Engine
  • B38B15A Engine
  • N43B20A Engine
  • N47D20A Engine
  • N47D20C Engine
  • B37D15A Engine
  • N47D16A Engine
Reconditioned BMW 116D  Engine
Replacement Engines for BMW 116D
Used BMW 116D  Engine

116 Engine Problems

The most common problems found in BMW 116 engines are as follows:-

Loss of power in Petrol engines

This is a common problem with the petrol engines. The problem is down to a faulty Bosch Coil Pack. The following indications show that you may have this problem.

  • Car goes into "limp mode"
  • Heavy engine vibration
  • Amber Engine warning light
  • Rough idle
  • Lack of power

Timing Chain Noise/Failure

This problem is very common in the N47 engine. It is very important to know that of the chain snaps while the engine is running you will need to get a new engine. If that is the case then comparing 116 engines with Engine Trust is your best option. Chain failing is hard to predict, but sometimes a grinding noise in the engine bay is a warning for this problem.

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