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Why Buying a Reconditioned Engine Is Better Than a New Engine?

Replacement Engines

Advantages of choosing a reconditioned engine for your car

Any one who has learnt the art of driving is bound to love the vehicle they own. A perfectly operating vehicle is a pleasure to drive. With proper maintenance and care you can get your vehicle going for a long time without any issue. However, being a machine, a car is always prone to producing some sort of issues. There are a range of issues that can affect the performance of your car. Problem could be related to the breaks, ignition, suspension or ultimately the engine. There are many faults that only require parts replacement and that means getting your car back on the road in no time. There are instances however, when replacing the spare parts is not enough. You change the spare parts and issue still persist. You keep returning to the workshop but the issue could not be resolved. If its any component other than the engine than that can be replaced easily but if issue is unresolved with engine than this is a major engine problems as this might mean that you have to replace or recondition the whole engine.

Reasons to Recondition the Engine

There are tell tale signs when it is proven to be a better choice to recondition the engine rather than get it repaired.

Reconditioned Engine
Reconditioned Engine

Engine Overheating

Engine overheating can be a sign of problem with your car’s heating and cooling system or car’s water pump could be a culprit. If your engine starts to overheat in quick time than it’s a sign of irreparable problem. A heating engine is not only a problem for the vehicle health but also can become a danger to you if you do not pay due attention to it in timely manner.

Excessive Consumption of Oil

If your car starts to consume excessive amount of oil than this could be another sign of an irreparable problem. There could be multiple causes such as worn out valve guides, dried out seals of those vale guides, stuck oil control rings, or excessive cylinder to piston clearance. Worn out gaskets could be a reason too but ultimately it is a sign that you need to recondition the engine.

Loss of Compression in the Engine

Compression loss is usually the result of a leak in one or more of the cylinders caused by normal engine wear and tear. Easiest way to diagnose this problem is that when your vehicle starts misfiring or perform poorly in terms of performance. Only viable solution is to recondition the engine.

Process of Engine Reconditioning

Process of engine reconditioning is fascinating. Your engine is stripped down to bits to analyze what caused the issue that resulted in reconditioning at the first place. During the strip down it is also observed what parts needs replacing. After a thorough checkup, all the parts go through chemical cleaning by being dipped in chemicals and acids to remove the oil and residue from them.

This chemical cleaning ensures that the parts are now without swarf that can damage the performance of the engine. There are some parts that are changed in almost all reconditioning processes such as Rings, bearings, gaskets, seals, timing belt or chain, valve springs and the oil pump. Some of the components that are usually not changed are camshafts, crankshafts, and pistons unless they are damaged to non-repairable status. 

Once the process is completed and all the parts are cleaned and replaced, pressure testing of cylinder head is done and valves showing heat signs are also replaced. New gaskets and oil seals are placed and engine is re assembled.

New Engine
New Engine

Benefits of reconditioning the Engine

Benefits of a reconditioned engine are abundant. Your engine could be working like an absolutely new unit once all the parts are cleaned and the parts that need replacing are replaced. Following are some of the benefits that you can feel instantly.

Increased life span

Once the reconditioning is done, the lifespan of each part in particular and the whole engine in general is increased. Each part is inspected and replaced if needed means that every part has longer life span and you can enjoy trouble free driving for many years to come.

Increased Reliability

When you have not performed the reconditioning process on the engine, you always worry about the reliability of your engine. driving become a worrisome affair as you never know how the engine would perform on long drives or within the city. Once you have reconditioned the engine, then reliability increase. You can just start the car and drive anywhere without any second thought.

Improved Performance

An internally effected engine loses many horse powers and is weaker performer. Once the reconditioning is done, the power increases and you can enjoy free flowing performance as a result of replaced parts and engine clean that get rid of the residue that decreases the performance.

Better Fuel Economy

As a result of reconditioning, your whole engine is clean as a whistle. All the fuel lines are free flowing and with every bit cleaned off, you get maximum performance at improved fuel efficiency. You can feel a noticeable fuel economy and better driving experience.

Environmental Protection

Believe it or not, reconditioning plays a vital part in environmental protection as well. Reconditioning the engine means that many parts of the engine are saved from being manufacturing which in part saves minerals and metals and eventually it helps the environment.

Economical Choice

It goes without saying that reconditioning the engine is more economical than buying a new engine. you can target specific area of the engine that needs detailed inspection and can get that repaired instead of changing the whole engine. New engine would without a doubt would cost way more than the reconditioning process.

Based one the arguments above, it is clear as a day light that engine reconditioning is a better, economical and environmentally friendly choice. Benefits of engine reconditioning outweighs the limitations. Choosing the reconditioning of engine require proper preparation and research as this process can only be done by experienced and well-maintained workshops that are equipped with modern tools and know the due practices. Engine Trust can help you get the engine reconditioning done at economical prices as we manage largest network of workshops and engine sellers who we choose after a very thorough process. In order to continue doing business under our network, they have to keep extremely high customer satisfaction rates which testifies our commitment to our craft and our customers.

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