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When it comes to attractive looks and amazing drive, Jaguar XF is the only name comes in mind

A powerful engine of V8 is placed under the hood which produces formidable 385hp

Typical British styling and contemporary exterior design make Jaguar XF attractive. It is a grand touring car of Jaguar line-up and quite popular for its appealing look. Jaguar XF engines are another reason for the demand of this car in the United Kingdom. A powerful engine of V8 is placed under the hood which produces formidable 385hp.

This 5.0-litre engine is paired with six-speed auto transmissions with paddle shifting. It is a rear-wheel-drive configured car so buyers are always excited to drive. The steering wheel is weighted perfectly so handling becomes brilliant. The cabin of the car is comfortable for occupants but it is sporty too so you enjoy both ride comfort and enthusiastic drive.

The car has been rated as one of the best looking coupes and once you get behind driving wheel exquisite drive experience reveals the mechanical superiority of the car too. Some of the competitors are sportier but it is a reasonably good car by all means among coupes.

It is available in two different body styles coupe and convertible and was last produced in 2014. Different models and generations of the car were launched from 1996 to 2014 so you can select any of them.

It is spacious enough for front-seat occupants

You can easily get second hand Jaguar engines for sale for your car as there are many sellers offer these units online too. Use of aluminium makes the body light in weight and powerful engine makes the car more efficient in acceleration. Used Jaguar XF is available at a very reasonable price so you can have any of the different models.

Earlier models have 4.2-litre V8 motor so you can have them too for your cars. From 2009 5.0 litre motors were introduced by Jaguar to boast pulling power of the car and add further thrill to driving. The carmaker also introduced R version of a 4.2-litre motor which raises the power to 420 bhp and of 5.0 litre XFR-S to 542bhp so sheer power-based models are also available.

The cabin of the car is for 4 people two on front seats and two on rear row. It is spacious enough for front-seat occupants to enjoy a ride in coupe or convertible. Boot space is generous and you can put a regular golf club in it but objects not more than the size of this.

The car received a facelift too with a new more powerful engine in 2009. Ride comfort is enhanced by using variable dampers with comfort and sport settings. By selecting either of the two settings behaviour of the vehicle changes.

Handling excellence and formidable acceleration

Exterior facelift remained limited to new lights and mirrors with some other changes. Centre console gets a rotary transmission selector which was seen in XF saloon models for the first time.

Special editions of the car were also launched in different years with enhanced muscle and improved suspension response while recon Jaguar XF engines let you keep enjoying your XF as it has enough room even for persons above six feet height. Handling excellence and formidable acceleration figures make it a good driver’s car.

Reliability of these models is very good and owners of the cars keep using their XF vehicles even after 200k miles. So their everyday regular use of these cars does not create any problem. It cruises nicely so it is not a full sports car but a smooth cruiser.

As we know no more new XF is being launched

While handling is commendable grip on the road is also good so you find it easy to run on twisting roads and tight corners. Smooth gear shifting through auto transmissions also helps you to manoeuvre this beautiful car on busy roads. On the other hand if you are looking for a replacement engine, Jaguar XF supply and fit service make it more than easy for you across the country.

Standard XF model is quick and if you move towards supercharged models then they give you super-car performance with their extra muscle. As we know no more new XF is being launched for the last few years so you can own any of the used XF at cheap price but maintenance and running cost is not cheap.

Fuel economy is around 25mpg and the newer models with 5.0-litre engine perform a little better than this. If you keep pushing speed pedal harder than these figures fall further and the cost of driving the increase.

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