Engine proves nimble and price of the car is making it even attractive

After borrowing Golf R engine, Volkswagen Passat has made a great impact and performance has proved it a good choice. Generous space is there to offer enough legroom for the people in second row and people on front seats need not to compensate them. The infotainment system with 12.3 inches digital display has made interior a very modern one. Volkswagen Passat Engine agility enables it to reach high speed in little time.

Competition of the car is with big names but thankfully it has been priced very well to beat the price of competitors. Performance is also an advantage in this comparison as it produces 206kW and 350Nm torque that are better then others. Though the price factor could have been enough but the company has made it further lucrative with attractive features that may be surprising as well. Adaptive sports suspension is a worth mentioning that allows the car to get lower by 15mm.

More room for front and back row passengers

It has been benchmark of the car producer to offer generous space and the new model carries this without any change. The front row passenger and driver seat are quite apart so the both occupiers keep doing their job without any difficulty.

The Volkswagen Passat’s rear seats can be folded to double the boot room by creating space for as much as 1152 litres. To be true, after looking at these features this car should have been given premium status in any fleet.

A family car with lively engine

Latest electronic safety system is also present in the car so by no means, it is less than an executive luxury vehicle. Driver fatigue warning is definitely very useful to avoid untoward situation due to overwhelming slumber after hours of driving. Alert for the drive of rear cross traffic and lane assistance are quite common but important as well.

Emergency braking is also part of all this modern safety kit. It is impressively quick as it reaches from 0-62mph speed in just 5.5 seconds. Though it is claim of the manufacturer but even than it is quicker than many in the competition. For a family car this would be a great achievement.

Modern technology has turned this cabin one of the best

The buyers would not find a number of things missing in it as the German manufacturer have taken care of expectations about inclusion of modern tech features. The digital instrument display is simple to bring in use and that has made it fantastic. Volkswagen new Discover Pro Audio and navigation system that can be accessed through high resolution touch screen of 8 inches.

The same is used for finding out apps of Apple Car-Play and Android Auto. The stereo unit present there let you enjoy music without making sound unbearable for you even it is not a product of big brand. An overall impression of the dashboard is elegant. Use of different materials like leather for upholstery and metal with soft plastic to build the other parts has turned it into an appealing interior.

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