Volkswagen Passat 2017

Volkswagen has announced the release of new Passat in July this year following the release of Tiguan earlier in April.  New Volkswagen Passat is based on the latest MQB architecture and gives a tough competition to its adversaries. Everyone has eyes on this one as it looks fairly a complete car from every aspect.

It is considered to sell many copies as soon as it hits the market. The manufacturer is also open for pre-orders and deliveries will start in a few months. The car is a perfect blend of luxury and class with all the tastes of comfort one can look for. Trust the word, it is worth spending every penny. The initial investment might seem huge right now but when you look at the specs you will find it worth the shot.

How about the engine?

Upcoming Passat is considered to set a benchmark in its family. It seems to have traits of a keeper with better looks and advanced engine performance. The engine is top notch roaring which is 2.0-liter and turbocharged with a 276 horse brake power and a torque of 350Nm.

The engine is enough powerful to propel this car to 62 mph in mere 5.5 seconds. Powerful Engine is quiet under the bonnet with almost negligible noise factor giving a peaceful driving experience. It is an all four-wheel drive coupled with fully automatic, smooth shifting six speed dual clutch. Passat will not fail to impress you with its fuel economy.

How good does it look?

New version of the car has gotten touch ups to elevate both its exterior as well as interior. The LED taillights are terrific. Upon applying brakes, their horizontal pattern changes to vertical, Passat comes with 18-inch wheels fitted to match its performance.

The brand new Passat flaunts on all terrains including curvy, twisty and bumpy roads. It gives you a smooth drive with minimum jolts so that you enjoy the driving and it does not seem like a chore. The car holds a firm suspension and has three easy adjustable settings.

What about the cabin?

VW Passat keeps the custom of manufacturer by providing a comfortable ride. The inside of the cabin is quite cozy and has ample space for you. Giant but elegant seats with premium quality leather covers and aluminum trim throughout the cabin make it a class unmatched. There is plenty of room for the passenger on the back seats with increased leg and shoulder room.TFT instrument cluster that aids the driver by providing with a huge

TFT instrument cluster that aids the driver by providing with a huge navigation map similar to virtual cockpit in other models. We should confess that it is not the same or as good as the virtual cockpit in several other cars but we cannot deny its usefulness nonetheless.

It also features a convenient touchscreen infotainment system, sunroof and advanced entertainment system. Car has up-to-date systems loaded with advanced technology. 9 airbags are part of the package that make sure to tackle with an emergency situation and providing extra safety for the passengers.

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