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Things You Can Do to Improve Your Car Engine’s Efficiency

Engine Efficiency

Follow these simple tips to improve your car engine’s performance

It is an auto driver’s second nature to always keep an eye on the fuel gauge, every driver knows that driving efficiently not only saves your vehicle form wear and tear but also improves the engine’s efficiency. If like many of them you are also wondering how to improve the efficiency of your engine then we can explain about the things that can help you improve your car engine’s efficiency.

A quick search on the internet would bring you many results and most of them would be hard selling you their products such as lubricants that can perform miracles, additives that can be added to the fuel to save the consumption and improve performance, complicated new carburettors, spark plugs incorporating new technology and many more things that carry its promises.

Don’t get us wrong, some of it does make a difference but the point that we are trying to make is that you do not have to spend so much to attain engine efficiency. Simple hacks can generate amazing results.

Here are the easy ways to improve the efficiency of your car engine.

Replacement Engines

Tyre Pressure

It’s one of the easiest and most important things that you can do to improve the engine efficiency of your vehicle. A deflated tyre with less pressure means that the engine has to work extra and consume extra fuel. An over inflated tyre means extra work for suspension which ultimately has an effect on engine efficiency. Keep the tyre pressure according to the guidelines and you would see a visible improvement in engine efficiency.

Regularly keep the tyre pressure checked and always adhere to the manufacturer’s advice for the tyre pressure. Make sure that you always have enough tread on the tyres for your own safety.

Drive Smooth, Change Gears Early

Be gentle with the car controls, avoid hard accelerations and change gears early. These changes sound simple but they can have huge impact on engine efficiency. Hard accelerations consume more fuel and have adverse impact on the engine. Changing the gears early without the engine knocking can keep the fuel average in check.

Engine consumes more fuel and is under more stress when you floor it in lower gears. It is advised to keep the revs under 2000 revs all the time for great fuel average and engine efficiency.

Reconditioned Engines

Turn the Air Conditioner Off

Unless it is uncomfortable to stay inside the vehicle, keep the air conditioning off. Air conditioner put direct load on the engine and burn more fuel. At low speeds it is almost double. Heated windscreens, demisters and other electrical appliances have the same impact on the engine.

You spend over 30% extra fuel and energy when the air conditioning is on and the engine life is reduced if the air-conditioning is constantly on.

Improve the Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics of the vehicle play a vital part in improving the efficiency of your engine. having a roof box or bike rack on the vehicle can make it difficult to cut through the air and increase the drag which in turn increase the load on the engine. keep the windows shut as much as possible since open windows can also make your vehicle less aerodynamic.

Air drag is one of the biggest forces that a moving vehicle is faced with and reducing it can lessen the fuel average and increase the engine efficiency to a great deal.

No excess weight

Remove as much excess weight as possible to improve efficiency. Now, the sensible choices seem like carrying the child buggy without the child onboard or the extra case of beer in the boot. Be sensible while loosing the weight and taking out the airbags do not make sense.

Its simple math. You spend more energy to carry more weight. If you reduce the weight then you can make the engine more efficient and save more fuel.

Drive Smart on Undulating Roads

By driving smartly on the undulating roads, you can save major amount of fuel. If you are going downhill then make a momentum and use it to your advantage while going up hill instead of using pure power to climb back up. Imagine you are on a push bike and then read the roads accordingly. Ease off the accelerator while going down hill instead of using the breaks.

Engine is under great stress when the vehicle is climbing, so it makes sense to use the downhill slope in a way that that you do not have to take the vehicle to high revs. Try to break as less as possible so you do not have to start over and use more fuel again.

Strictly No Idling

When standing still with the engine running, you are using fuel without getting any mileage. There is no point in keeping the engine running and not moving at all. Switch the engine off at those times and if you can afford it buy a car that has auto stop ability.

New models of the vehicles come with stop start feature where the vehicle can automatically switch off when standing idle and start instantly when accelerator paddle is pressed.

Service the Engine Regularly

Engine service can help you immensely increase the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine. with clogged up and dusted filters cleaned up and every vital component checked and rechecked, your engine breaths easily and improve its efficiency in huge amounts.

Most noticeable difference in engine efficiency and fuel consumption comes straight after a good service. Always get the engine serviced before the manufacturer’s guideline.

Plan Ahead

It pays dividends to collect information about the destination where you are heading towards. You should plan your route ahead of leaving the house. Mobile applications now a days can provide very detailed and specific information about the route and can get you from point a to b in very short time. You can go as far as to walk instead of drive to short distances that would increase your fitness and save your vehicle from unnecessary fatigue.   

Buy Components from Well Reputed Sellers

Installing aftermarket below the standard components to your vehicle is a cheap and easy fix but in the long run it may give you more problems. If you buy the car parts from well reputed sellers then you can enjoy better engine efficiency and better mileage.

Buy Set of High-Quality Tyres

If you ask an advice from a mechanic worth his salt that, how can you increase efficiency of your vehicle. First upgrade that he would recommend would be to buy a good set of Tyres. Its like buying shoes from a well-known manufacturer for yourself.  They can increase the fuel average and make the car feel smooth.

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