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The Most Low-Maintenance Cars to Run in UK

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Looking to buy a car with low maintenance costs, here is a list

Admittedly, visionary people always spend wisely. What to speak of the car they are having, this too depicts their maturity. They pay a great heed towards it. It is pertinent to mention here that whether you are to buy old banger or a luxurious and fancy sports car, you must be very careful in their purchase. It goes without saying that car engine plays key role in fuel efficiency. This is not a sort of shopping of one-time cost but you have to spend continuously on its maintenance. The car parts like car engine loses efficiency with the passage of time and need replacement.

The question arises how we can choose a car that requires low maintenance. Surely if you buy such a car with heavy maintenance, then be ready to deprive of your hard earned money. Always keep it in mind that such high maintenance cars also compel to accelerate your pulse rate. By saving money from extra maintenance, you can upgrade your car. Believingly you are visionary, focusing on low maintenance car. This is a good omen and we are going to have a look at various cars that are cheapest to run.

10 Cars that have low Running Costs in UK

There is no denying that if you want to get rid of heavy repair budget of your vehicle, best is to choose an affordable and a vehicle consuming low maintenance budget. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of most low maintenance cars to run in UK. Get enchanted to choose a car with low maintenance from the following list:

  • Suzuki Celerio
Suzuki Celerio

If you are to buy a car that is conducive for you in your low budget, then there is no better choice other than Suzuki Celerio. First of all you save on road tax for driving ecofriendly car, so to choose a new car is your right decision having zero tax. Likewise it has highly efficient and powerful engine that has low fuel consumption. In this way it contributes a lot towards environment. Running cost too is beyond your expectation. In so far as its leg room and head room are concerned, these too are much spacious giving you a terrific ride.

  • Skoda Citigo

Having good reputation among its satisfied customers; Skoda is now completely reliable and attractive. All its models leave you now in the awe. Without any exaggeration, we can say that its popularity is now going up and up. It has carved out its own niche in supermini market. Now it is regarded as one of the best cars of the UK with low maintenance cost. You can have it either in three doors or five doors depending upon your own choice and size of family. The one litre engine of Skoda Citigo gets very low tax. Surely it doesn’t dig deep into your pocket.

  • Ford Focus
Ford Focus

There’s no doubt that being a history old company, Ford produces best quality vehicles. Even today it has best grip over auto market. If we talk about the Focus, without even an iota of doubt, it is beyond compare car with respect to fuel efficiency. Having best fuel consumption, Ford Focus gives you round about 74.3 mpg. Likewise, it CO2 emission too is reasonable i.e. less than 100g/km. Thus it is best for those who want to have ecofriendly car with low maintenance. All its features are attractive with cosy interior and majestic exterior. Powerful engine is another distinctive feature.

  • Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf

It is certain that you will never like to buy a cheap car with low appealing features. But without any shadow of doubt this Nissan Leaf fulfills all your needs of remaining in low maintenance cost. The biggest plus of this car is that being electric vehicle, it is best for environmental friendly people. It adds very less effluents into the atmosphere. Surely today electric vehicles are getting more and more attention due to alarming global warming all over the world.

  • Dacia Duster
Dacia Duster

Surprisingly being an SUV, Dacia Duster offers you all the best features that you like to have. It can accommodate your whole family without any congestion. Its legroom too is comfortable and never gives you an inconvenient sitting. In so far as its running cost is concerned, it is beyond mentioning. It is best of all other cross overs. Obviously, you are much worried about the running cost. Dacia gives you best choice for better fuel efficiency, intrinsically. All its other features beg to be appreciated. It adds less hazardous materials into the environment.

  • VW Up

Whenever you intend to buy an economical car, there is no such best car other than VW Up. It thrives best in and around the city. Furthermore, its majestic exterior stuns others who have look on it. Similarly its spacious interior and comfortable infotainment add further to its beauty. Its powerful engine is specially designed to make it highly fuel efficient. If we have a look at other cars dotted on the roads of the UK, then VW Up offers you very high fuel efficiency.

  • VW Golf
Volkswagen Golf

It is not hyperbole to say that Volkswagen Golf gives your extra efficient capacity with Blue Motion diesel and patrol. These fuels are cheap and best for maintaining your VW. Likewise its low fuel efficiency and low tax make this car among the best low maintenance cars to run in the UK. This vehicle owes 88.3 mpg and emits only 85 g/km CO2. As we are aware of the depleting natural resources like forests, rivers, underground water etc. but don’t panic, Golf will never leave you in lurch in this context.

  • Mini Cooper Hatchback
Mini Cooper Hatchback

If we have an overall view of fuel consuming and low maintenance cars, then without any hyperbole, you will find the Mini Cooper Hatchback perched atop. As it is getting more and more popularly in the arena of automobiles, you can buy older vehicles in low cost. Furthermore, you will have to incur low amount on its maintenance. Emitting merely 95 g/km CO2 into the atmosphere, Cooper is matchless and a visionary choice if you want to save the mother earth.

  • BMW 3-SERIES Saloon

If you are in need of some most fuel efficient and low CO2 emission, then one and only name comes before us. That is BMW 3-SERIES Saloon which has optimum fuel efficiency. It is really a blend of German excellence and power. You can well imagine from the emission of only 100 g/km CO2 by diesel fuel. Then what do you need else.

  • Honda Civic

No doubt Honda having an iconic value has ruled over the market. All its models like Honda Civic are unique and matchless. With its powerful engine and long lasting car parts, Civic is a dream car. Its impressive exterior and interior with snug comfort encircle you into its magic. With only 94 g/km emission of CO2, it is truly speaking a green car. Summing up all our aforementioned survey, it is to apprise you that always bear in mind the value of CO2 emission, fuel efficiency, and tax value a car gets. Generally speaking if you are mostly driving in the urban areas, then you should choose petrol engine and definitely low CO2 emission will keep your tax value low. For motor way travelling with high speed, diesel engine is appropriate choice to have best fuel efficiency.

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