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The 2019 Audi A6- an entirely new beast

Supreme comfort, effortless performance and high-tech infotainment system makes the new Audi the car of dreams

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, it would take a few seconds to get you goosebumps. Yes, I’m talking about the bad boy, Audi A6. It’s been more than a decade now that this masterpiece is winning the hearts of motorists and it’s not really hard to see why. The perfect blend of refinement and power is something this bad boy has been in limelight for.

In the company of the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the Audi A6 is the comfiest cruiser in the class. The previous A6 was sporty and classy too but it was unable to compete with the enemies when it came to dynamic edge it had. But, this brand new Audi A6 is going to be a perfect masterstroke by the German Make. The new Audi is different in terms of power and excellent driving experience it offers.

There are a lot of reasons to go for this brand new big buggy. Is it over-ornamentation? Alright, let me present some of its unique features and we’ll appreciate your opposition then. Without further ado, let’s get on with these:

Interior, space and infotainment

The new Audi A6 looks lush inside out. That said, the inside designing is up to date, lustrous and above all brilliantly put together from top-quality materials. Soft leather prettifies the seats and armrests, sumptuous wood and nickel-finished metal trim is magnificently applied to the dash and doors. Plus, most of the A6’s secondary control such as climate, drive mode, etc. are controlled by a big touch-sensitive panel below the main infotainment display. I mean, everything’s just right there, spot on. The same system is used in the A8 luxury sedan and the Q8 crossover and it functions quite well and provides adequate haptic feedback.

Audi A6 gets the renovated Audi’s MMI infotainment interface for the year 2019. It no longer uses a click-wheel controller on the centre console. But offers reconfigurable menus so users can customize the layout of the home screen to suit their tastes. An 8.8-inch display, navigation, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, and onboard Wi-Fi are all standard, but Audi’s Virtual Cockpit digital gauge display and the larger 10.1-inch infotainment display are optional. There’s a 10-speaker audio system as standard, but if you ask us, we recommend the 16-speaker Bang & Olufsen setup that the Premium Plus and Prestige models are equipped with. The seats are first-rate and the driving position is perfect. Bang on.

If we spend a second just talking about the space inside the new A6, it’s physically bigger than the old A6, so obviously the interior is too. The 12mm larger wheelbase provides the new car with 21mm more legroom. So you can expect comfortable sitting at the back too. And the 530-litres boot is large enough to cater to the needs of a family’s cargo.

Performance on the road

As far as the performance on the road is concerned, the new Audi A6 hits the nail on the head in this regard. The only engine that’s available now is a turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 Audi engine. This muscular engine can take the car from rest to 60mph in just 4.8 seconds. That’s quite impressive, isn’t it? Be that as it may, even with this quick result, the engine is not healthy enough to take on the top rivals such as Mercedes Benz E450 4Matic and the BMW 540i xDrive. The time taken by BMW and the Benz in reaching from 0-60mph is 4.5 seconds and 4.6 seconds respectively.

The engine installed in Audi A6 for the year 2019 employs hybrid technology coupled with a 48-volt starter that is responsible for running the engine’s stop-start system. Plus other ancillary equipment. With that, both the seven-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive are standard. The engine is no doubt vigorous enough to deliver plenty of power while driving- no ifs, and, or buts about it. Regardless of its magnificent stability and cornering grip. The new A6 runs in a much better way as a luxury sedan than a sports sedan.

With all being said and done, what impresses all the drivers most about the A6 is how hushed it is. Whatever speed you’re doing, whatever surface you’re driving over, you need just whispers to have a conversation with the fellow passengers. Yes, you heard it right. That’s how it feels. Now that I have said everything, what do you think about the new Audi A6?

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