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Ford Fiesta, Still A Nice Choice, Though Little Bit Aged

Ford Fiesta is an economical, practical and fun to drive vehicle Time doesn’t affect some things as we have Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta is a good, practical and comfortable small hatchback. Though it has become aged now but still in lead of its class with great driving experience and economical engines along with some advanced […]

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The Renault Clio is A Good Choice to Live With

The Renault Clio is impressive in small hatchback class Renault Clio is a hot cake in the UK market The French brand is an exceptional one due to its simplicity, reliability and practicality. Though getting aged but its popularity graph is still high among small hatchback class. It’s comparatively good, is wide and has spacious […]

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The Skoda Fabia – A Combination of Great Practicality and Value

Cost-Effective and Roomy Skoda Fabia The Skoda Fabia is a well proven supermini contender that’s perhaps not the best option for thrill-seekers but is a superb car for long-term satisfaction. It’s very roomy, handles tidily, has some strong engines and the volume trim lines are very well stocked with kit. Its Rivals While the styling […]

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