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BMW 535d, A Well Reputed Diesel Engine

Luxury is shown in every move of this refined engine This refined engine is a diesel. Yes, a diesel and it does not make noises or feels underpowered or create problems while gaining speed. BMW has successfully discarded what the old notion said and believed that diesel is no good. Driving for a little while […]

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BEST OF THE SALOONS! Top 10 Saloon Cars in the UK (Part 1 of 2)

BEST OF THE SALOONS! Top 10 Saloon Cars in the UK There is no certain relation between a saloon bar and saloon car but just one which a saloon car carry you to your favourite saloon bar to give you a nice time around. Anyways, saloons are the larger family cars, mostly with five doors […]

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The BMW 5 Series, A Complete Executive Saloon

Performance with royalty BMW 5 Series has been an aspiring Icon since its first model was launched in the market forty years ago; it is a fantastic, wonderful and refined luxury saloon with a good range of excellent engines. If there is a dream car, existed on this earth, then no one else except BMW […]

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