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Seat Leon, a Simple yet Competent Hatchback

Making an effective appearance with a new engine

Some cars are made for depicting luxury inside out, while some show great engine power and a beautiful exterior. Then there is a category which is for the hatchbacks that are meant for performance, handling and a great performing diesel side. I am describing the Seat Leon over here. This one has simple cuts and over all look but under the bonnet is immense power ready to get out waiting for you to step on the accelerator. Latest update has moved this car to the mainstream which was once a step below from the top rank. The updates are very minor form outside as well the inside, but these little improvements have given an impressive overall effect especially in the engine side. If you are in search of a strong competitor to VW giving off the almost the same perfection, then considering Seat Leon is a preferable option.

Engine Refinement is Good

Engine options have been extended with the latest upgrade. The petrol options start from 1.0 and 1.2-Litre engines which prove to be appropriate in case of economy, pricing and taxing. In this range, there is also a 2.0-Litre engine which gives off 296bhp.

Then there is the diesel side which is fit for long distances providing reasonable torque. For this, these are 1.6-Litre and the 2.0-Litre engines. The first one produces 113bhp and the second one is available in two variations 148bhp and 181bhp. Like many diesel engines, things get rough when accelerating more for a higher speed but it is quite to a large extent when talking about every day ride. The manual six-speed gear shift is standard but there is also a choice of DSG automatic gear box.

A good Grip of Road and no Body Roll

Leon is one of those vehicles which are firmer on road due to well balanced body and suspension. The light steering wheel matches its weight and control over the car, always remains in a healthy position with easy handling and uncomplicated movements. The refinement is unquestionable making this family car a fun to be in. Braking power is also good heightening the safety side. In some models the firm transmission do transfer shivering in the cabin which is disturbing but the comfort its seats provide do compensate some of it with this property.

What is inside?

Enter inside and you get a rather dull and simple look. But do not judge it with this trait and look at the technology side the manufacturer has installed. Even the entry level gets a lot of standard gadgets.

The dashboard gets a new smarter look with clear and reachable controls that make it easier to manage for the driver. There is a problem of space in the rear but still it can fit two adults easily, but a squeeze is present. The entire interior is smart with cleverly situated cubby holes which are always needed by a family. As you move up the technology side becomes more advanced and the safety also increases.

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