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Renault Megane Known for Fuel Efficient Engine

A new look to the exterior has made it a desirable car

When you come across review, of a vehicle the immediate concern and focus remain on practicality and efficiency of it. Renault Megane has improved a lot over the year and now it has been offering great comfort to the riders of both rows. Fuel efficient engine has made it further desirable for the buyers to purchase this new model. Hatchback class does not have many such options as rivals do not afford to offer that much. When people look at stylish design and enjoy nice drive experience then they do not need to go for any other automobile. It is a good family car for being roomy and cheap to run and with these features, it could easily find place in top few cars in this category. Since 1995, it has evolved its classy features to the present level and earned repute in the market that many other still thinking of.

Trim levels available for the buyers at reasonable rates

Last year fully new Megane arrived with latest look and cabin facilities to offer the best possible in business. The five-door hatchback is more appealing and there is still no assurance of replacement of three-door Coup. For extra things like satellite navigation to assist person on driving seat would certainly cost you more money and starting package is £17500. Two diesel and two petrol engines are present in the range and with that much to offer, you can imagine the work manufacturer has done. Pick of the engines are 1.5-litre diesel for its great performance and less use of fuel.

Driving experience and handling

Six-speed manual gearbox is standard for these two diesel machines. The optional seven EDC auto is also present for those who wish to make use of the most modern technology. To maximize agility, there is innovative four-wheel steering system.

Compact hatchback class has many talented rivals but even then, this automobile finds a place among top choices. Apart from focusing on comfort noise has been made very submissive by the engineers to work on refinement. It does not allow bumps to bother the riders in the cabin as suspension is well designed to absorb potholes. With these qualities, a calm and composed driving experience is assured to all the passengers.

Fuel Efficiency of the diesel engine

The steering wheel weight has been reduced a bit but still not responsive up to the expectations of the person controlling it. The selected engine running cost is 80mpg that has been approved by many to make it a good company car as well. The point of economical diesel machines has further been strengthening with advent of new model.

Inside the cabin, new infotainment system has made it really appealing for the family car buyers. It has become possible only after determination by the engineers of the company that decided to make an impression to be noticed by every onlooker. With air conditioning, Bluetooth and cruise control the car set good standards for rest of the competitors aspiring to get top place.

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