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Renault Kangoo is A Useful Small Van

Well balance engine to pull the loaded van and comfort for riders

To carry load and passengers in a small van has been made possible by Renault Kangoo. Put your load at back and five people including person on driving seat can get to their destination with ease. Over the years, it has evolved a car like feel that allows driving easily. Unlike a commercial van, you do not need to be conscious of control and handling. This quality is now quite common in all vans of this size. It is comfortable for ride either loaded or simply running with occupied seats. Suspension is good and does not pass on the bumps into cabin. So the difference of ride quality has been mitigated to ignorable levels. 1.5-Litre Engine is quite balanced in fuel efficiency and pulls the van without any trouble. Particularly when moving on city roads 240Nm torque seems enough for a speedy ride. Shifting of speed transmissions is direct and steering wheel perfect weight helps you a lot.

A good load carrier

Engine of the vehicle is great as load to its full capacity does not affect performance. Speed remains steady even on an ascending route. It may seem lethargic but in reality, it is a good load carrier. Handling is also remarkable and rough or imperfect route will not jolt the occupants. Sliding doors of Renault Kangoo are another plus for the buyers of this small van. In trim packages, you would get most of your desired features that would make your driving experience more pleasant. Flexibility of usage of this automobile is real advantage for the people considering it as an option. Better safety features would make it further appealing.

Area for load can be enhanced

You can fold the rear seats, but disturbing noises will start bothering you so keep them upright. Driver has good view to dive safely and different designing tweaks have added to this quality. Excellent hard plastic has made up the interior of this van and variety of colors and surface feels provide an impression of soft high quality stuff. Black shimmering touch around some of the prominent parts also gives uniqueness to the interior. Center console has been raised high for convenience to use it and has good utility due to storage capacity. Door pockets can hold cups and bottles as well. Steering height is adjustable to let you hold it easily.

Riders can enjoy their journey in new model

Supportive design of front seats makes them highly comfortable. Second row seats with good space for legs are good for passengers of any size. Seatbelts for both rows are to keep you safe.

Other standard features include cruise control, Bluetooth to increase your options with connectivity possibility and adjustment of lights on front. Total weight of seven hundred and fifty kilograms can be loaded at the back. The volume of area for this purpose is 1.3 cubic meter and if second row seats get folded, it is raise to 3.4. To keep the load fixed, eight points at different heights are to tie it.

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