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Nissan Qashqai now presents powerful engines with sporty exterior

Nissan Qashqai improved economy comes with this new one plus some other upgrades

There may be many trendsetters and Nissan Qashqai is one of them. There was a time when there were no SUVs and then came this model. Nissan gave the industry a new line to think upon and explore it.

From that time there came the era of SUV which has till now threatened the cars which were the only vehicles used for carrying the family. Its driving position and practicality with style and space made it a fit choice for this purpose.

The exterior has a confident yet attractive look with every single detail attended to give it a sophisticated look also. The sporty look and clearance which make it a good choice for vacation also and space inside make it possible to carry any type of luggage around.

2019 has brought about useful changes especially in the Nissan engines which now come in a more efficient form. Still, more changes have to be introduced to make it a leading one in the category as others have produced more advanced SUVs than this founder.

The technology has also been improved which is a wise decision as cars now a day has to be intelligent to compete with rivals. Other improvements include suspension and interior quality but these took place back in 2017.

Economical and performance oriented engines

The addition of a 1.3-litre petrol engine in the range has made things change for the driving side. One might think that it was inappropriate but when you are going to experience this new one it is certainly going to give you a more energetic and more worth owning experience.

There are two power outputs associated with it 138 bhp or 158 bhp. These are four-cylinder turbo engines with improved behaviour. The extra power which comes with the second one is worth experiencing and you also get to have an automatic gearbox if you choose it which is not available with the lower version.

Then there are also the diesel engines which are as capable as the petrol one. The 1.5-litre diesel engine having a 113 bhp, yes it is not that quick but this is a stable engine delivering a nice peaceful run. You want more from this side then go for the 2.0-litre diesel engine which comes with a 148 bhp.

It can also have these engines in shape of Nissan Qashqai engine rebuild. You get an easy Nissan Qashqai engines replacement with these engines sometimes better than the standard ones.

Go for the company fitted tires as

This is a very useful tip to avoid any bad experience with the comfort side. As it depends a lot on the size of tires fitted. The one with 17-inch tires is the most comfortable, you move up for the 18 and 19-inch options and things get rough to a large extent.

Whether in town or on the highway the bumps and potholes are dealt with the reasonable ability. And the cabin remains both peaceful and intact. If you want family comfort then go with the smaller trim and if that does not matter then going for the higher trims will also be okay.

The handling side is aided by plenty of grips

You are not going to be disappointed with this feature also. There is body lean and the steering wheel is kept soft but apart from this, there are many points which go in favour.

The road grip is excellent and you are not going to be let down on a twisty road. The car remains safe and sounds not making any uncertain or unsafe moves. This is true that there is not much driving fun present for the driving enthusiasts. But still, for sensible drivers, there is a lot to appreciate.

There will be a four-wheel drive available to add more to the road grip side. The engines are remarkably refined with a hushed and vibration free quality. But still, there are the road and suspension noises to disturb if you want a completely serene environment inside.

This one certainly proves itself worth considering when you are after a popular and able British road companion.

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