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New Renault Megane Promises All-round Sophistication

This version is in real sense upgraded to give a whole new experience

This is the fourth renewal of Renault Megane and what you get as a result is a complete package. With its muscular and handsome exterior and high tech interior it keeps on impressing its buyer. The normal pattern of earlier changes was just limited to the skin and there were very less changes from inside, which is not what today’s costumer want.

Engine refinement and cabin quality makes the deal an ideal one. Renault Megane has concentrated on both the aspects in it’s forth generation making it fit for the roads as well as buyer needs. It is available in five door hatchback with two petrol and two diesel engines.

The styling is very lively whether you are looking at it from the front or the back, your will love the sight either ways. Especially the way its lights are displayed and shaped, the whole look becomes extravagant.

Fairly well performed Engines

With such a big body, engines are sure to have a tough time carrying this luxury. The entry level in petrol is the 1.2-litre which is the cheapest in the offers. It is not appropriate for long distances as on motorways but it does suit town driving where speed is not a big matter.

The second one is the 1.6 litre petrol with some short comings. Only the GT Nav 205 trim gets this engine with dual-clutch seven-speed. Starting the diesel range is a 1.5-litre which gets the same power as any other car in this category but due to its weight the speed feels slow. The last one is a 1.6-liter diesel engine which is again not as quick but is the fittest for a saloon driving it smoothly on the motorway journeys.

Handling and Ride

Commanding grip and ease of excess in case of driver engagement makes the ride a comfortable one not only for its passengers but also for the driver. At all times the car is soft on road with well absorbing shocks and suspension. Only over the big bumps you will feel a shudder else the mechanism very effectively isolates the cabin from outside noise and disturbances.

From this characteristic you will feel seated in a luxury saloon rather than a mid-sized hatch back. Handling response is good and pleasantly gets better as the speed goes up. But the over softness makes the body roll more when speeding up and this aspect disturbs the occupiers. Otherwise there are more qualities to concentrate on rather than the bad side.

Technology Side

Even the starting level is not poorly equipped geared with cruise control, air-con, DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity. Up next is the Dynamic NAV model which has interior night time lighting, power-folding mirrors and dual-zone climate control.

Aside with these you also get the keyless entry system, 7.0 inch with good controls and clear vision, sat-nav, rear parking sensors, lane keeping assistance and speed limit displays are all present. The GT line adds sport theme along with the above, same is with other higher trims that get a little something more combined with common features detailed above.

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