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Mitsubishi Pajero A Big Family Vehicle

Features are great to provide comfort and liberty to drive

It is one of the vehicles that are ideally good for off-road and highway drives. It is spacious enough to carry seven people in a comfortable cabin and updated technology features. The seven-inch touch screen is also standard in all models of this vehicle that can be connected to your smartphone to show you what is in it. There is no variant in body style available to the buyers the only one has five doors, seven seats and 4WD wagon. Four-wheel drive at low or high speed is also offered for an unforgettable driving experience. Mitsubishi Pajero is a large SUV that has been priced reasonably lower than other similar options. Engine noise is disturbing even when you are in cabin and also the movement of tires on road cause a noise that needs to be reduced by the manufacturer for improvement in sales. Satellite navigation is available only when you connect your phone and with modern smartphones, you can get maps on their screens.

Good suspension makes sure stability

Splendid suspension of the vehicle allows better handling and stability while moving on difficult terrains. Complete independent suspension functions are better and it is missing in rivals to make them inferior in comparison.

With this unique system, journey on rough and smooth tracks does not bother the riders. There is another option of only rear wheel drive that is something quite desirable for difficult terrains. Taking Mitsubishi Pajero to a rocky track would jolt the riders unlike rivals. There is no option of selecting alternate engine as just one engine is offered.

Engine Specifications and performance

The available machine is 3.2-Litre four-cylinder diesel engine is used to produce 147kw power and torque of 441nm at 2000rm. The old inter-cooled has single turbocharger so you may think of it as a languish one but when torque achieved the vehicle becomes lively. Transmission is also just one and it is five-speed automatic gears but smaller sport version transmission having eight gears is far better in comparison.

The size of a steering wheel is problematic and also makes the interior outdated. Power steering, on the other hand, is right choice for better driving in city areas. Fuel economy is also impressive when you look at the gigantic size of the car. Average consumption of fuel for one hundred km is 12 Litre that fluctuates with your style of driving. Control on wheel allows the person on driving seat to move on sandy track without serious trouble.

All Passengers are offered enough space

For safety of the passengers, the company have placed six airbags in cabin and camera for reversing let you avoid collision while parking. Electronic stability control is to provide you assistance for ease while running it.

Brighter LED daytime lights are also part of safety features that company has been offering.  Second row seats are big and space is also good to keep legs relax. Air-condition vents are separately present for second-row passengers so they may enjoy their journey in the same manner as people on front row do.

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