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Mini Cooper S offers speed and versatility

Driving fun with striking looks boost travelling experience

Mini is a winning formula for BMW and in no matter whatever way you see it there are those sure traits that conform to it. The company has added changes in the vehicle which are both pleasant and imperative.

2019 has given the automobile some new changes which are to the technology side, interior and some minor ones in the exterior. Mini Cooper S engines remain the same as before as the company feels there was no need for alteration.

The shape of this vehicle is also different giving a clear hint of a sports car. This is a small and fast car not hesitating on any surface to perform. The driving fun is certainly there. No matter which trims level you choose these qualities are present.

The interior has also got some new things especially the 6.5-inch touch screen and some more technology tweaks. The vehicle is still an attractive deal for the bachelors as well as some trims are fit for families also.

The petrol-powered engine

Mini Cooper S is powered by a petrol engine 2.0-litre and 189 hp. The 0-62 mph run is achieved in just 6.7 seconds. There is a six-speed manual transmission or the new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

With those double exhausts, things become even more fashionable and feel good. This Cooper is fast and also provides the driving fun. The road ahead is straight or curved there is an eager engine ready to follow instructions.

Turing it on tight turns is not a problem. There is also a proper suspension which makes sure that the body remains intact. As a consequence, the body roll is well suppressed. To keep things relaxing the seven-speed optional transmission can be installed.

So there is no problem finding the right engine as there are already Mini engines for sale to get rid of the problem. Mini Cooper engines replacement mean you can have the car with you for more time. The exterior of this automobile has stripes which makes it different among the lot.

But when you talk about the real essence of this model, the standard manual change can do the work pretty well. The engine will take you smoothly in town as well as speed on the motorway with the same ease. The vehicle almost flattens the bumps and the cabin remains peaceful.

There is a good tech on board

There are many new things added and it has given the Mini Cooper S a new dimension. The car is now advanced with features that are helpful for the driver as well as the passenger.

There is an excellent sat-nav and this system is an expensive one from BMW that works well. There are really good online services attached to the 6.5-inch screen. The tech packs are another interesting thing to look at.

They have different names which are cool and with these, there come many optional tools that make your car even better. But one thing is for sure that there is a price you have to pay with it which is going to cost a lot.

The total price of the vehicle rises to a large extent. But it adds value to your car which is good when you want to sale it. Things like climate control and sports seat can also be added from the optional list.

The seats that come as standard are also comfortable and if you do not want to pay more then also the standard tech is enough to make this one exciting for the occupiers.

The inner cabin

The inner of this car is well planned and matched. As the headlights are round so are the interior dashboard placements. The peaceful yet sporty cabin is an amazing place to be in. The things behind the steering are also round.

The newly added 6.5-inch screen and other tools added to give a fresh wave inside. There is really good space inside for the front people. But at the back, there is a space problem.

Taller people are not going to be comfortable and especially on a long-distance journey. Anyhow four can fit inside easily and there is going to be a fun ride along with some family affair attended also.

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