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Mercedes Sprinter 309 Practically Built and stunning model presented by Mercedes

There is several extra specs but not cheap to include

Mercedes Sprinter has changed the image of vans with the inclusion of features which were not usually made part of commercial panel vans. Sprinter is available in nine different body styles so that buyers may not need to look for any other option once they decided to choose from Mercedes vans.

Mercedes Sprinter309 engine for sale is a good deal as the unit’s performance is trustworthy. These are reconditioned Mercedes Sprinter engines which are made robust by experts. Mercedes engine suppliers find used engines and rebuild them if needed to enhance their usability.

Driving a sprinter has been made as good as possible so you may feel good when put hands on the steering wheel. There is several extra specs but not cheap to include. Another concern about the vehicle is the high floor of loading area as it consumes more energy while putting the thing in or taking them out.

The van has been in markets for more than two decades and it has evolved over the years to keep offering practical vans for buyers of this segment. With these untiring efforts, the van has been regarded as one of the top options in this class of vehicles.

Conventional side mirrors are adjusted electronically

Sprinter 309 is available in a variety of colours both metallic and solid. Halogen lights are used for front low and high beams as well for rear lights. Fog lights are also present and help the driver to keep driving safely in arduous conditions.

For lights, you can add headlights washers and main beam assist at extra cost. Roof railing to carry extra stuff and sunroof are also present in the list of extra features. Front cabin windows for passenger and driver are powered to be lifted and lowered with the push of buttons.

To get them heated once again you need to pay additional amount. The standard package also gives you heat-insulated windows which can be turned into tinted on demand. To enhance the comfort you have keyless entry and start of Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

The rear camera and cruise control can be added to give you further assistance while driving a commercial van. Interior of the van is built by using different types of stuff of black colour.

Conventional side mirrors are adjusted electronically and they have turning signals too. Heated side mirrors are quite handy in UK weather but to have them you have to spend extra. Front two doors are conventional and for the rear part of the van, there are two sliding doors on both sides.

Blue-Efficiency which turns the engine off on neutral

Sprinter has got a range of engines and all of them have six-speed Eco manual gearboxes. The other option in this regard is 7G Tronic seven-speed transmissions which are sleek in shifting and an expression of modern technology inclusion by Mercedes.

All different models come only with rear-wheel drive as standard but 4×4 all-wheel-drive configuration is also present for complete range except small models. The van has been sold in good numbers and sale is on the rise as figures of 2017 suggest.

These vans come with fuel efficiency technology called Blue-Efficiency which turns the engine off on neutral and comes back into motion when the clutch pedal is pressed. With this fuel, the average has been increased and carbon emission has been reduced. In models with auto gearboxes on the release of the brake, pedal engines get to motion again.

Some other such tweaks are also part of the new model

Low energy power steering pump is another attempt to save fuel. Gearshift indicator on the dashboard also adds to this effort and timely shift of gear reduces fuel consumption. Some other such tweaks are also part of a new model to serve the same purpose.

This van reaches to a fuel average figure of 35.3mpg and carbon emission of 195g/km. Rival Volkswagen Crafter claims even better running average. As Sprinter is sold through Mercedes truck dealers so buyers of this van get round the clock service and repair facility.

This certainly saves time and money of owners as they do not lose a single day of business and keeps their vehicles in good condition. This way there are numerous advantages you will have if you decided to own new Mercedes Sprinter 309.

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